The Design of Management Information Systems an Information Analysis Approach

Information Analysis Approach
Information Analysis Approach
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This paper describes a methodology for management information systems design which employs a formalized framework for significantly involving manager-users in the design process. The process seeks to develop a system design on the basis of a criterion which considers both technical cost-benefit considerations and the manager’s perception of the potential utility of the system. A key element of the methodology is the development of descriptive and normative system models which are based on the concept of a “linear responsibility chart.” These models serve as the basis for the negotiated development of a consensus system model which defines the framework for the decision-oriented analysis of information requirement. The process of information analysis involves joint manager-analyst activities which are aimed at the explication of the implicit decision models which are used for decision making.Information Analysis Approach

In MIS, the information is recognized as a major resource like capital and time. If this resource has to be managed well, it calls upon the management to plan for it and control it, so that the information becomes a vital resource for the system.

  • The management information system needs good planning.
  • This system should deal with the management information not with data processing alone.
  • It should provide support for the management planning, decision-making and action.
  • It should provide support to the changing needs of business management.
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