Design and implementation of an automated motor vehicle driver’s licensing system. (a case study of enugu motor license office, enugu state; abakpa) nike).

Driver’s Licensing System
Driver’s Licensing System
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Driver’s Licensing System


The ill treatment that take place in our motor vehicle Drivers licensing office today, one have to wait endlessly in order to get his driver’s licensing or renew his driver license and so on.

This is a problem that is experienced daily, which robs the government a huge sum of money through fraudulent means.  Being a system run manually, it is prone to many man-made errors both intentionally and unintentionally, which could be unnecessary delays in attending to customers due to the manual processing of information and delays in going through helps of files in their achievement to get necessary information that will aid in present information processing.Driver’s Licensing System

Going by this, if should be clear, that the use of computer in this establishment cannot be over-emphasized and should be encouraged to emulate the western  for the highly industrialized societies that have long ago recognized the efficiency and effective of computerization.Driver’s Licensing System

A new computerized system is designed and implemented the aim of this project is to develop software that could check-make also help in the creation of a common data based for driver’s licensing system. This system finally becomes easier, timely reliable and efficient in work flow.Driver’s Licensing System


Title page


Table of contents


1.0       INTRODUCTION   

1.1              Statement of Problem.

1.2              Purpose of study

1.3              Aims and objective of the project

1.4              Scope and Delimitation of the project

1.5              Limitations of constraints

1.6              Assumptions

1.7              Definition of terms

1.8              CHAPTER TWO



3.0       Description and analyze of existing system

3.1              Fact finding method used

3.2              Organization structure

3.3              The objectives of the existing system

3.4              Analysis of the existing system

3.5              Changes of vehicle ownership

3.6              Mode of vehicle registration

3.7              Files used in the existing system

3.8              Input, process, output analysis

3.9              Information flow diagram

3.10          Problems of the existing system


4.0              DESIGN OF THE NEW SYSTEM                       

4.1       Output Specification and Design

4.2       File Design

4.3       Procedure Chart

4.4       System Flow Chart

4.5       System Requirements


5.0              IMPLEMENTATION

5.1       Programme design

5.2       Programme flow chart

5.3       Pseudo-codes


6.0              DOCUMENTATION                      



7.1       Recommendations

7.2       Conclusion




The need and expected role of management practice is that workers should be free of bias, fraud and sabotage, if they are always dedicated to their routine jobs. This assumptions is based on the fact that every worker must be competent to achieve an excellent and efficient result.

The motor licensing  office is one of the department under the Board of Internal Revenue, which is an aim of the state ministry of finance. The activities of the Board are meant to generate revenue for the government.  The motor licensing department are located at each of the local government Area, head- quarters of the country. The motor driving licensing office at the local government areas of a state are under the state motor licensing office. The ministry by keeping rate of all necessary documents regarding each vehicle driving owner within the state. It is surprising that despite efforts to records of registered vehicle drivers owners by the state government, these records have been disappearance. This is the issue of comprehensive record keeping is yet to be effectively handled in the state.


Since the inception of the licensing office or motor driving license office. There have been constant request by the staff for an enhanced or sophisticated technology tools for the processing of motor licensing data.

These constant quest are necessitated and propelled by the simple need to address the challenges posed by the existing manual system of data processing. This challenges otherwise viewed by the staff as problems among which are inaccuracies in data processed, ineffective, inefficiency in identifying and improper keeping of records.

Unnecessary delays in attending to customers due to the manual processing of information and delays in going through heap of file in their achieve to get necessary information that will aid in present information processing. Lack of space in packing of file and register sometime these files are destroyed in order to make space for new ones. This lead to the destruction of vital information. Misappropriation of public and by the staff because of lack adequate means of fund management. Those misappropriation are inched by the error prone manual handling of the charge and accounting systems of this system.Driver’s Licensing System

Above reasons gave room to touts to operate in the premises of the establishment. They change extra money from customers whom are fed up with wastage cause by snail pace of operation in the office.Driver’s Licensing System

1.2              PURPOSE OF STUDY

The purpose of this study is to liap-frog chasm inherent in the existing manual system of processing through a computerized approach by designing and implementing a computerized motors vehicle drivers license system.

However, other purposes are:

–                      Explore the intricacies of the computer software.

–                      Demonstrate the capabilities of computer technology.

–                      To eradicate the inherent problem encountered by the motor vehicle driving license office.

1.3              AIMS AND OBJECTIVE.

  1. The aim of this project is to develop a software that could checkmate these ill practice, thereby  improving the present operation (manual) and also helped in the creation of a common data based for driver’s licensing system.
  2. Computerization of motor vehicle driving license system in Enugu State and the country at large. That is by using computer system and develop led programmes to replace the manual and tedious method of motor driving license exercise.

iii.                To keep a good record of the driver’s licenses in their office so that any information desired from the record by the authority or from any other source like the police can be easily retrieved.

  1. Improved the security of motor driver’s license records against unwarranted access or malicious handling by non-personnel.
  2. To render services to the public on behalf of the government in their vehicles, issue the driver’s licenses and renew them when it expired.Driver’s Licensing System

1.4              SCOPE OF THE STUDY

Having stated the problem facing motor vehicle driving license vehicle registration. This also intends to provide a common data base of registered vehicles form which enquires can be made at anytime in case of identification, if there is a loss. Also if one breaks traffic rules and regulations and tries to escape, the registration number driver’s license will aid in tracing him/her out. There is need to elaborates on the system to be computerized and maintained.

Since it is an academic exercises, the project is designed to handle only some of the activities of the department namely:

  1. Change of ownership
  2. insurance and renewal of motor license
  3. report generation
  4. enquiry
  5. modification, display, deletion, addition of motor license records.

Although the scope of the project is limited to only Enugu state and certain customer, it could be enhanced to take care of those other state by making little additions and modification.

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