Construction Of A Mobile Refrigerator

Mobile Refrigerator
Mobile Refrigerator
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This write up is a detain of the process and formulation of plan for the physical realization of the construction of a mobile cooking system. It as divided into chapters, which discussed extensively the practical refrigerator cycle with attention given to constriction factors, working principle and choice of materials. The method used in the fabrication, assembly and arriving as knowing the safety requirement were not left out.Mobile Refrigerator

It is strongly believed by the authors that his will make an interesting study for inquisitive minds and collection of fact for future related project.Mobile Refrigerator




1.0       Introduction


2.0       Literature Review


3.0       Theory of Construction and Analysis

3.1       Component Pasts of the Refrigerator

3.2       Theory of Reversed Heal Engineering System

Operating on A Cannot Cycle

3.3       Refrigerant

3.4       The Construction Standards and

Component Determination


4.0       Construction Procedures

4.1       Material Selection

4.2       Tools /Equipment Used

4.3       Construction Method and

Procedure (Sequence of Operation

4.4       Laying of Evaporator Ripe (Piping

4.5       Lagging

4.6       Electrical System in the Fridge

4.7       Principles of Operation


5.0       Testing and Evolution


Cost Analysis

6.0       Material Cost

6.2       Labour Cost Recommendation





Over the years, there has been the problem of food preservation in many countries of the world and Nigeria in particular. Man cooks his food and if not warmed at least every ten hours will get spoilt. Food items like boiled beans, yam, rice, beef etc spoilt. Some days due to lack of adequate preservation facility. Most also after some day work, man needs to take chilled drink in order to maintain or normalize his body temperature. For him to achieve this he uses clay pot to store drinking water. The clay pot does cooling but to an extent.Mobile Refrigerator

Man can preserve his food by constant warming, drying under the sun, salting etc but that is not enough for total or adequate preservation. Nowadays, these methods of food preservation are not practiced again.

For more than decades this problem of food preservation has been a stumbling block in our homes. No sooner than latter did men star looking for a way to solve the problem hence the construction of cooling system (refrigerator)

The purpose and objectives of embarking on this project is to construct a cooling system that does cooling and preserves food items for future use. For this to be achieved. We need a machine that can transfer heat from a cold chamber which is at a temperature lower than that of its surroundings. This is because, bacteria that would have acted on the food items cannot survive in a very low temperature.Mobile Refrigerator

For a complete refrigeration process, we need to have the following parts of refrigeration system.

  1. 1.   Compressor –                  This  pumps the refrigerant or the gas through the entire system.
  2. Condenser –                    This is the cooling coil for the hot refrigerant gas.
  3. 3.    Drier Strainer –               It removes any moisture or impurities associated with hot refrigerant gas.
  4. 4.   Metering Device –            The tube is usually soldered along the exterior of the discharge line, forming a heat exchange which helps to cool the hot liquid refrigerant.
  5. 5Evaporator – At the evaporator, the refrigerant absorbs heat from the strange area and is gradually changed from a liquid and a gas mixture to a gas.Mobile Refrigerator
  6. 6Accumulator –                   It prevents any liquid from returning or un-boil liquid from going into the compressor.

It is very necessary to embark on this project to reduce the problem of lack of preservation facility our country is experiencing. The project is needed to boost our country’s modern technology. The benefits to be derived from this exploration are:

(i)         To help us apply theoretical knowledge to solve industrials related problems.Mobile Refrigerator

(ii)        To help us design and conducts a mobile refrigerator (cooling system) without any complication in maintenance.Mobile Refrigerator

Age hardening, the stimulation of stratosphere conditions in the laboratory for the testing of all types of air craft equipment, including the engine themselves requires refrigeration at 670f.  In the process industries refrigeration is  used to carryout such operations as the separation used to carryout such operations as the separation of crystals from solutions.Mobile Refrigerator

Application of refrigeration in the medical profession is increasing daily, not only in the preservation of certain products, but also in the actual treatment of some physical ailments. The use of cold anesthesia” has shown great promise in the field of surgery. The manufacture of periling requires refrigeration and removal of moisture under high vacuum. The same process is required in the drying of blood plasma, and the preservation of blood, required refrigeration before the drying is accomplished.  Mobile Refrigerator

In the refrigeration food industry, development are occurring so rapidly that it is difficult to keep abreast of them increase application of domestic refrigeration’ have been supplemented by the entirely new field of domestic low-temperature cabinets for the preparation and storage of frozen foods, both uncooked and precooked.Mobile Refrigerator

In serving some of the function and considering the area and situation of need such as resort centers, picnic, school, etc. hence the need arise more than even prior to design of mobile cooling system of acceptable standard that will met certain essential requirement such as put ability and cost effectiveness.Mobile Refrigerator

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