Design And Implementation O A Computerized Purchasing Information System

Computerized Purchasing
Computerized Purchasing
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Computerized Purchasing


In almost all business area purchasing information system has been indispensable.

The operation this system has over a decade been practiced manually in most business organization. However this project will show how computerized purchasing information system will aid eastern shop limited Enugu.

The manual operation of the purchasing system has been helpful to some extent, but they g along with inefficiencies and inaccuracy. These has therefore given rise to errors, mistakes and wastage of resources and precious time. This is because of limited ability of human being to handle batch jobs over along period of time.

Consequently, the thesis was prepared in view of showing how computerized purchasing information system can enhance the processing of records, storage of records and files, retrial of files and the updating of purchasing files. It also establishes the advantage of the computerized purchasing information system over the manual system in Eastern shop limited Enugu.

The new system, computerized purchasing information system is thus designed to eradicate the problem of time wastage , inaccuracy and inefficiencies that are associated with manual processing of records and updating of purchasing files with little human intervention.


This study has been organized in seven different chapters. Chapter one trashed out the statement of the problem, background of the study, purpose of the study, its importance, scope, limitation, assumptions and definition of terms.

Chapter two review of related literature which chapter three dealt with the description and analysis of the existing system. The first finding method used, organizational structure, objective of existing system, input, output analysis, information flow diagram, problems of the existing system and justification for the new system.

Chapter four presented the design of the new system. Its out put specification and design, file design procedure chart, system flowchart and system requirements.

Chapter five cooked into the implementation, the program design program flowchart, pseudopodia, sources program and test run.

Then chapter six was the documentation.

Chapter seven borders on the conclusions and recommendation of the work. After which the reference comes last.


Title page



Organization of work

Table of contents 


1.0        Introduction

1.1        Background of the study

1.2        Statement of the problem

1.3        Purpose of the study

1.4        Importance of the study

1.5        Limitation of the study

1.6        Scope of the study

1.7        Assumption

1.8        Definition of term


2.0        Literature Review


3.0        Description and analysis of exiting system

3.1        Method of data collection

3.2        Organizational structure

3.3        Input process, output analysis

3.4        Objectives of the existing system

3.5        Information flow diagram

3.6        Problems of the existing system

3.7        Justification for the new system


4.0     Design of the system

4.1        Input specification and design

4.2        Output specification and design

4.3        File design

4.4        Procedure chart

4.5        System flow chart

4.6        System requirement


5.0     Implementation

5.1        Program design

5.2        Test run


6.0        Documentation


7.0        Recommendation and conclusion

7.1        Recommendation

7.2        Conclusion





The art trading in materials i.e the process of buying and selling is nearly as old as man himself. Before the advent of money as medium of exchange man bartered item surplus of his requirement for things, which he needed? From the time discovered that he could put his talents to produce or manufacture things, he began to specialize on whatever was his vocation, man found it more economical to purchase materials of quality suitable to his needs at prices which he considered favorable.

It was observed that 50 to 60 percent of eastern shop expenditures is on materials. The purchases department therefore, becomes the biggest spending department of the eastern shop. Materials and supplies form the life blood, as it were of an industrial concern. These should be made available on proper place, time and at proper price. If all these do not happen the right way it may lead to the inefficient marketing techniques or out mode production skill can lead to a decrease of profit as inefficient system of purchase management can lead to a decreases in profit. Professional competence there fore, is important in managing the purchasing function purchasing today is a professional skill. Purchasing involves the activity directed towards securing the materials, supplies, requirement and services required in the operation of an enterprise.

These activities have to be performed with optimum efficiently, economy and effectiveness. These three factors are the key factors in obtaining excellence in managerial performance.

Since materials constitute the largest chuck of the cost of the creation of value (for which alone to customer is willing to pay a price), it is necessary for the purchase to exercise at most prudence in ensuring for the purchaser to exercise at most prudence in ensuring that the best ultimate values is obtained for every ripe spent on material VFM (Value of money) has to be the slogan of the purchase department.

Today purchasing is not the dame as buying of yester years. Buying is money the act of procuring at item of material at a price. On the other hand purchasing function is the improvement of profit and actively searching out and implaning new ideas for improvement of the company’s product achieve this objective by cost of material. Finding out substitute materials that are more economical, by eliminating element of cost in purchasing that do not contribute to value and generally ensuring a higher degree of effectiveness in managerial performance functions righ form participation, working capital management and profit improvement.

In order for the purchasing department to carryout operations accurately, timely, economically and effectively, it needs to process purchasing transactions set up files possibly documents as well as receipts of ordered items set up. Program to monitor the quantities and prices of received items.

Hence the use of computer is very important in purchasing department.


Purchasing department of eastern shop finds it difficult to handle the bulky job manually, especially files as a result of inaccurate and untimely processing of purchasing transactions. The inaccurate and untimely processing may be attributed to postal delays, bad handwriting, loss of vital paper or document, transcription errors, general validation features during processing and plain ignorance of what information is about, all course ion to many of the problems.


The study will show how accuracy is attained in using computerizing purchasing system. It also shows how time is saved when using designed programs.

The purpose of the study is to prove how computer can be used to achieve easy calculation and account processing storage and reference of purchasing policies for decision-making. The computerized purchasing system is more efficient accurate and take less time in processing than manual. The design can be adapted for order big trading companies.


The main goal of using computerized purchasing system is to reduce unit labour requirements of each business operation

To access and maintain the account, determining quickly nd easily what total are in the goods purchased.

To examine the present mode of purchasing information.

To find out the problem associated with present mode.

To design an appropriate and suitable system of controlling purchase for the company.

The new system is thus designed to eradicate the problem of inefficiencies, inaccuracies and wastage in the manual processing or records and updating of purchasing files without human intervention.


This research project wa only restricted to the purchasing department of the eastern shop, Enugu. The following activities has been identified with the department:

·               Periodic physical checking of items purchasing with the view to ascertain the level of goods in stock.

·               Keeping an accurate record of all entries, including all purchase made.

·               Placing an order for the purchase of the needed items.

·               Determination and review of stock level for different products.


A lot of constraints were encountered during this research. They are time and financial aspects; this could not allow me to carry out the work at the expected level. My inability to get an already written project on this topic was also a constraint towards the study. Also there were some problems of unwillingness of the respondent to give accurate information.


During the process of study I assumed that the workers were computer literate. I also assumed tat they were using purchasing information method was not computerized. There was also this assumption in me, they had not stated implementing computerized purchasing information system.


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