Design And Application Of A Computerised Admission Processing System(A Case Study Of Madonna University Okija – Anambra State)

Computerised Admission
Computerised Admission
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Computerised Admission


This work started with an extensive literary research in an attempt to find out facts about the Admission processing system in conjunction with the functions of the computer equipment. This led to probing the history of National universities commission, which provides the guidelines for the system, and also that of the computer machine, its development up to the point where this aid of the equipment in different techniques were made. The computer-equipment-aids aid the planning system(s) procedures with due reference to its mode of Operation and its procedural functions were discussed, computer software’s of high flexibility was deviced to execute network analysis, using D-BASE. Computer based planning information system is the name of this software package. Modular program design approach, D-BASE coding structures etc, were used to program development. It features an elaborate software package that is designed to simplify matters for the user by assisting him and providing information for decision making. This package accepts, stores and displays strings of symbols that are grouped in various ways.

An organisation cannot function without computer (information), hence information system is to the organisation as what the nervous system is to the body. A lack of information (for good information) may seriously impair the effectiveness of an organisation. This work is in the area of projection of Computerized Admission Processing System being one of the functions of the academic programme activity unit that cannot be easily done as fast as computer system.

The Madonna University Admission processing system of the planning directorate was used as a model.

Managing information (data, files) generated were used for project control. This involves information gathering and data analysis on viz;

(a)      University organigrams;

(b)     Schedule of duties of the concerned units.


Title page

Table of contents


1.0     Introduction

1.1     Background of study

1.2     Statement of the problems

1.3     Objectives of the study

1.4     Significance of the study

1.5     Scope and limitation of the study

1.6     Definition of terms


Review of related literature


3.0     Description and analysis of the existing system

3.1     Research design

3.2     Method of data collection

3.3     Organisation structure

3.4     Input, process, output

3.5     Objective of the existing system

3.6     Problems of the exiting system

3.7     Justification for the new system


4.0     System design and implementation

4.1     Input specification and design

4.2     Output specification and design

4.3     System flow chart


5.0     Program design

5.1     Implementation

5.2     Program design

5.3     Program flowchart

5.4     Psuedocode

5.5     Source program



6.0     Recommendation and conclusion

6.1     Recommendation

6.2     Conclusion



APPENDIX A:       Program source code

APPENDIX B:       Program output   




          Since 1879 AD, Computer has been making life easy for people especially in areas of data processing.

The world of computer is basically a friendly one, and no special credential is needed to become part of it. While it’s true that modern computer systems involve complex technologies and theories, their use is becoming easier all the time. Computers have a general-purpose nature which makes them endless versatile. They can be applied to a wide range of activities, and increasingly their tasks have an intelligent nature. Today, computers can compose tunes and write songs; they can write short stories and poems; they can outstand human games-players, physicians, mathematicians and chemical analysis; and they are used libraries and institutions.Computerised Admission

In its broadest meaning, a computer is an electronic device which has the ability to accept data (input) from an input device, process it in accordance with a pre-defined program to produce a useful result (output) which is finally transferred to an output device. Computerised Admission It can store processed information. We use the computer mainly for speed, accuracy and volume. Computers can perform millions of calculations in one second. In fact, some computers can perform more operations in one hour than we could perform in a life time using pencil and paper, it operates at electronic speed. Another useful feature of the computer is its ability to produce accurate results. Computer is capable of storing large amount of data and handles large amount of work.Computerised Admission

Today, computers are used in different specification (areas). In Nigerian, and in our high institutions one of such institutions is Madonna University Okija in Anambra State. The university was established in 1998. It is owned and controlled by Revered Fr. Emmanuel Edeh.Computerised Admission

The university is located on a piece of land about one and half kilometers off Okija Main-Market, along Onitsha Express Road.

Currently, the university admitted up to ten thousand students. The institution has employment capacity of five hundred, which is composed of senior, and junior lectures both Professors, BSc, B.Tech and MSc holders most of them are God fearing lecturer.

It is estimated that the university produce about One thousand graduates yearly.

In 2002, the university was awarded from National Universities Commission –Abuja due to their work well doing. The institution was awarded with overall certificate and five million naira.

In the year 2003, the overall students population stood at about five thousands students. Recently, the statistical number of students in Madonna University Okija-is Seven thousand students.

The design phase was carried out after some relevant feasibility studies and followed by detailed investigative studies of the Madonna University Okija- Anambara admission processing system.

Certain salient factors in the past, which related to the research problem under investigation, are:

(a)      Processing of student files manually

(b)     Inadequate of computer operators; (staff) in the university.

(c)      Keeping of students file manually;

(d)     Difficulties in accessing student’s admission files.

The table below shows the total of admitted and graduate students in the university from 1998 to 2004.


      YEAR         MALE      FEMALE       TOTAL
1998 200 78 278
1999 200 280 489
2000 420 300 720
2001 500 480 980
2002 520 600 1120
2003 677 1000 1677
2004 1010 990 2000
2005 500 540 1040
TOTAL 8,695

The above table is the total score of student graduated in Madonna University, started from the year of establishment 1998 to 2005.



First, there is the problem of adopting modern commercial data processing equipments because of inadequately of trained and skilled computer scientists.

Secondly, there is the problem of raising the initial capital require in buying the basic modern admission processing system-equipment. This is because such equipments are expensive and the school management can not afford such huge sums of money because of their low incomes.

Thirdly, there is the problem of mismanagement students registration files among the different department/ faculties in the institution.

Again, the ban on the importation of this admission processing facilities and to pay the computer operators will cost the school management enough money to conduct; because of its expensive and they cannot be adequately provided to the university.

Furthermore, it is not easy for the school to compile the students registrations files due to inadequate processing facilities such as, monitor, keyboard, mouse, system unit, printer, scanner and photocopy machine.

Finally, there is the problem of lack of computer science professions, who raid computer as a course.


The primary aim of this project is to introduce a computer admission processing system that will replace the manual admission processing system. According Godwin (1999) computers extend human brainpower; they are intelligent amplifiers, which provide new dimension in the time available for creative work. Manpower alliance generates better management of resource and enhances firm project control. Thus facilities saving, improved efficiency productivity and development.Computerised Admission


The significance of the computerized admission processing system are; time reduction, unlike manual processing. Information can be obtained more quickly accurately, completely and presented in a manner more meaningful for the decision to be made. It enables the institution to store it’s data or information (students) that are being admitted. Computerization of relevant data and their retrieval from the storage media.

This study is significant in many respects. Instance, its finding will be useful to private and federal universities.

To start with, it has been stated that one of the objectives of this study is to find out why it is still difficult to transform the manual processing system to computerized system. In doing this, therefore the researcher intends to expose all the problems inherent in the process admission processing. The finding of this record will help the university in formulating an effective policy on admission processing.Computerised Admission

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