Design And Implementation Of A Computer Based Information System For Underwriting Insurance Policies(A Case Study Of Nicon, Enugu Branch)

Computer Based Information
Computer Based Information
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Computer Based Information


The insurance business, which involved compensation victim for financial loss suffered as a result of risks life have many policies.Computer Based Information

The researcher seeks to study those that concerned the underwriting only. It has different aspects of the business and involvement as it the area of underwriting of policies.

The underwriting here means a process of taking decision on whether to accept on insurance business. This work discuses extensively different types of insurance policies and low to carry out the insurance business.

However, the design was carried out with the hope of computerizing the policies so as to automate the system to curb most of the problems encountered in the insurance companies.

Finally, when the design is fully operational, there will be improved flow of information retrieval by means of on line direct assess equinity system, which will improve direct relations due to fewer computation errors.


This work is divided into two main parts. The first part includes the preliminaries, while the second part is the main body. The preliminary part consists of title page, the approval page, dedication, acknowledgement, table of figure, table of content and the abstract. Them the bibliography and appendices were after chapter seven the main body was divided into seven chapters one outlined the problem definition, the purpose of the study, what the work is aiming at, the scope constraints and assumptions. Chapter two reviewed the related literature.

Chapter three described and analyzed the existing system, which specified the fact finding method used, the organizational structure, the objectives of the existing system, the input process and output analysis, the information flow diagram, problem of to existing, system and justification for the new system.

Chapter five is the implementation of the designed system, having the program design and flowchart with its pseudo codes, sources program and test run chapter seven gave recommendation and concludes the work.

Title page


Organization of work

Table of figures

Table of content


1.1        Introduction

1.2        Statement of the problem

1.3        Purpose of study

1.4        Aims and objectives

1.5        Scope of study

1.6        Definition of terms


Literature review

3.1        Description and analysis of the existing system

3.2        Fact finding method used

3.3        Organizational structure

3.4        Problems of the existing system

3.5        Justification for the new system

3.6        Input process, output analysis

3.7        Information flow diagram


4.1        Design of the new system

4.2        Files design

4.3        Input specification and design

4.4        Out specification and design

4.5        Procedure chart

4.6        Flowchart

4.7        System requirement


5.1          Implementation

5.2           Program design

5.3          Pseudopodia




Recommendation /Conclusion




In a sector of the society there is a disaster, which many forms and on human being is immured to them. There is no way of knowing who may happen. But at least some of the money problems were net up by a group of people who come together to bear risks of others, these people are known as “ Insurance”

Companies compensate or indemnity the return for the financial loss suffered as a result of those risks or life. They do not set out to eliminate the loss and cannot stop the disaster or misfortune from occurring but rather they suffer the blow in a purely financial sense of offering momentary compensation to the nation.

This project is developed so that most of the work done manually in to the insurance companies will be  carried out using computers with the aim to achieve efficiency and accuracy in the operations of the business (underwriting) and also to make the task of insurance managers cashier to providing them with additional information.

In developing countries, insurance companies are the second largest users of computers but its use in Nigerian insurance companies are comparatively very low. There are several areas of applications of computers in insurance companies apart from the ones mentioned above, the use of computers in insurance companies try to guard themselves against staff shortage, in addition to performing the administrative work associated with customer’s proposal calculations of premiums and claims when necessary.Computer Based Information


The need for proper and accurate information for the underwriting of insurance policies cannot be over emphasized. But some insurance companies neglect this resulting in poor performance of such company. Accurate information for the underwriting of insurance policies is very essential especially those policies that involves human life. In a case where false and inaccurate information flows in and out, the company is bound to encounter settlement of claims, commissions, premiums of individual life assurance proposals.

In NICON Plc, the company is still facing the problem of misfiling, many hands handling one file, missorting of files due to processing file manually. Since NICON is a very big company with many deportments each department need to be computerized so as to carry it work efficiently for instance, the actuarial services department, which centers on the computation relating to premiums of individual life assurance proposals, preparation of accounting and member’s for deposit administration schemes, liaison with consulting actuaries by supplying the necessary data for carring out actuarial valuations.

Another is the general accounting department that takes care of gerneal accounting functions like settlement of claims, commissions and other third party liabilities as well as budgetary control and funds management.Computer Based Information


The researcher deemed it necessary to carry out this work so as to point out those areas where the insurance companies lack behind. This s essential because insurance company likes NICON is one of every nation pride when we talk of economy. Not only that, it also involved indemnity.

The purpose of this study therefore is to point out in the necessity for the computerization of every department in the company. I mean developing a software that will aid for easy and better information.

Also, to emphasize on the benefits to be obtained if one engaged in a business with on insurance company like NICON. The emphasis is much laid on the indemnity, the need to ensure promptness in the settlement of claims.


The role of the insurance in any polity is of bearer of risks. In other words, the populace can feel insulted from risks when they take advantage of insurance to rely on when unexpected strikes.

It is for this reason that NICCON Plc was rooted into existence. It is interesting to note that insurance has over the years developed both positive and negative facts. Positive in its insulate function, negative in its refusal to perform this function. such as this negative facet rooted itself in one psyche that the average Nigeria would probably insure only what is decreed for him to insure, such as his car.

Based on these the study wants to achieve the foll owing objectives.

1.       To find out whether there is a computer-based information system for underwriting insurance policies in the case study (NICON).

2.       To find out whether the company is able to carry out all the insurance policies especially those that involved underwriting.Computer Based Information

3.       To examine the methods of information flow in and out of the company.

4.       To identify the various problems encountered by the organization in the management information servies department.

5.       To male useful recommendation on the development of a software which can be used to solve the existing problems.Computer Based Information


The system is designed to run on IBM PERSONL COMPUTERS and its compatible. Because of the many aspects in the insurance companies, this system is based on the “Underwriting” aspects, which involved the various insurance polices (life and Non life Policies) carried out by collecting various date such as proposal’s particulars, calculate premium and claims required.

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