Design And Implementation Of A Computerization Pharmaceutical Management Information System(A Case Study Of Pfizer Plc Lagso)

Pharmaceutical Management
Pharmaceutical Management
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 Pharmaceutical Management


Pharmacist product drugs and drug are drug production is not an easy task, starting from the raw materials composition through labeling and packaging to sales and maintenance of the produced drugs.

This research study ventured into the pharmaceutical activities, critically analyzing the entire pharmaceutical work flow carefully identifying the problems facing a pharmacist from start till finish of their work. The identified problems were carefully looked into and possible solutions were used and adopted in the new computerized system design by the research.

This system design will aid the pharmacist in raw material composition, information on drug, labeling and packing, storage, expiration and manufacturing date, online sales and stock control. The new system is very comprehensive, easy to use, cost effective, accurate and timely in report generation. Pharmacist will breath in fresh air, enjoy their job and reap a lot of game while using this new computerized design.


Title page


Table of content


1.0                        Introduction

1.1     purpose of study

1.2                        Importance of study

1.3                        Scope of study

1.4                        Statement of the problem

1.5                        Aim/objectives of the study

1.6                        Assumptions

1.7                        Definition of terms.


2.0     literature review


3.0     Description and analysis of the existing system

3.1        Method of data collection

3.2        Interview method

3.3        Reference to written documents

3.4        Input analysis

3.5        Input format

3.6        Process analysis

3.7        Output analysis

3.8        Problem of the existing system

3.9        Organization chart

3.10      Information flow diagram

3.11     Justification for the new system


4.0        Design of the new system

4.1     output specification and design

4.2     Output specification

4.3          Input specification

4.4          The input element

4.5          File design

4.6          File structure

4.7          Procedure chart

4.8          System flow chart

4.9          System requirements

4.10       Hard ware requirements

4.11       Software

4.12       Manpower

4.13       Site


5.0        Implementation

5.1     choice of language

5.2        Problem design

5.3        Entry

5.4        Update

5.5        Listing

5.6        Pseudocode

5.7        Update

5.8        Listing

5.9        Change over

5.10     Parallel conversion


7.0        Conclusion and recommendation




Pharmaceutical management is not a new concept in the country, there are a lot of pharmaceutical companies scattered a cross the country and their major vole is drug being sold to people by either chemist shops or pharmaceutical shops. This is due to lack of adequate pharmaceutical control management system. The pharmaceutical job is a very sensitive one, it requires a lot of standards and carefulness’ because the drugs they produce directly affects human health.

Reliable pharmaceutical companies have been in the process of producing drugs and majority of them has, been performing very well, especially Pfizer pharmaceutical company, but as the world develops they are faced with a lot of challenges, which requires sophisticated system to tackle the problems. The existing system in Pfizer plc require some modification in other to meet up with the modind currently attainable in the society and to equally find it’s feet’s in the competitive market.

Where drugs are proceeding in large quantity, it is always a difficult task to maintain the drugs in the   ares of sales, stock control expiration monitory and raw material composition composition. a availability of drugs  should be readily ascertained and reorder level be timely and orderly, sales balance will be managed effectively. All these compelled the researcher to take up this task and make the general society to benefit immensely form the reorder level.

–        To produce a system that will be action to produce a system that will effectively monitor drugs sales and customer services and comfortably maintain an accurate account states.Pharmaceutical Management

1.1    PURPOSE OF STUDY       

This study was carried out in other to provide lasting solution to the problems allocated with the existing system. The solution will be automatic and very comprehensive.Pharmaceutical Management


This study is very relevant in a number of ways a lot of interest groups will benefit from it. The researcher through this study has been exposed to the practical area of studies. Future research will see this as a reference document and it will help them a lot. The Pfizer plc and other interested pharmaceutical companies will through this work improve on the quality of their products and ease the burden of the staff and most especially the problems pharmaceutical companies encounter. It will also help them to maximize profit.Pharmaceutical Management

1.3       SCOPE OF STUDY 

This research work, due to time factor was limited only to Pfizer plc and it will unfold the areas of drug material component, stock control outline sales and product of the work. The pharmaceutical industries will specially enjoy and appreciate this work when fully implemented.


Due to the rapid development experienced in the world today, the current system in use at Pfizer plc is gradually been over by events.  

Due to problem of raw material useage some companies’ produce a lot of take drugs fact that there is no take and control over produced drugs.Pharmaceutical Management

Drug out of stock is also experienced just to the fact that the stock control system in use is not so effective.


The primary aim of this project work is to produce a new computerized system that will automatically handle pharmaceutical management control system.  The major objective of the study includes.

–        To produce a system that will be cost effective

–        To produce a system that will automatically maintain drugs and monitor the expiration of drugs.  

–      To produce a system that will a automatically prompt for more drugs when the drugs are getting our of stock.

Definition of terms

Expiration Date: The ending period o time that something becomes invalid.

Information:  Processed data facts told or discovered about sometimes.

Data:                              Raw fact collected to be analyzed to produce information.

Record:                           To put down/permanent account especially of a document or on computer of facts and events.

Stock control:                 The ability in checks and balance the amount of products (stock) in a company’s warehouse.

Online sales:                  Transaction done via the use of the computer e.g. interment.

Transaction:                   A business deal carried out or done.

Competitive market:       A forum where different business organizations are striving to be the best in terms of quality sales etc. expiration data monitoring and decision taking.Pharmaceutical Management

1.6       ASSUMPTIONS:

If the new system is implemented and followed strictly, there will be enhanced productivity in Pfizer plc work procedure. The staff will benefit both mentally and materially.Pharmaceutical Management

With this design, Pfizer plc will beat all unbeatable giants the pharmaceutical industry.

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