Bacheriological Examination Of Idodo River

Idodo River
Idodo River
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Idodo River


This work was aimed at assessing microbial coal of Idodo river in Enugu state Nigeria. The samples of river was obtained from the arc of low activity, and a place where human activities are very high. The samples were collected very early in the morning and afternoon. They were examined to determined the bacterial organisms that are pathogenic to man when they drink it from the samples were inoculated into media. Nutrient agar and macconkey agar media and incubate at the temperature range (350c – 370c). The following organisms were isolated. Streptococci faecalis ­ clostridium Perfringens, Rhodococcis corphilus, Bifidobacteria, salmonella spp. The study shows that appropriate care should be taken to protect the river from being contaminated by these organisms. The quantity of pathogenic organisms collected were more in the afternoon.

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