Design And Construction Of Security Lighting Control System Using Mobile Phone

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Security Lighting


This project aims at the design and construction of a security lighting control system using a mobile
phone to serve as a remote control to control security lights. The device is made up of four main
units. The mobile phone which is serving as a transmitter for remotely controlling the security
lights. The GSM modem which serves as the receiver. A sim card is placed in the GSM modem and
all messages from the transmitter are sent to that mobile number. The microcontroller unit
processes the information extracts the message from the GSM modem and processes it. Then it
either puts on a pin or leaves it off. The switching unit is responsible for putting on or off the bulb
depending on the output from the microcontroller.

Upon completion of the project, it was tested and it worked properly. “light_on” puts on the bulb
and “light_off” puts off the bulb. Thus an effective and reliable security lighting control system
using mobile phone was realized.


In our day to day life, we use various gadgets such as television, set top box, air conditioners, home theater, DVD player and many other remote operated devices for comfort and happiness. Different gadgets mean maintaining different remote controls which are not only clumsy but also difficult to manage. Universal remote control simplifies our life because it helps us control any IR devices like TV, air conditioner, home theater including lights and fans. But, because of many technological complexities it becomes difficult to build a single IR based universal remote which can control all available IR based electronic gadgets from different manufacturers. The rapid growth in mobile communication system in present era is changing people’s life and work style. Fast development of mobile technology has brought the world in our grasp.

Functionalities of electronic gadgets like computer, IPod, camera etc. are now made available in a single mobile phone. Smart phones are already feature-perfect and can be made to communicate to any other devices in an ad-hoc network with connectivity options like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Most of the home appliances use Infrared based controlling systems. Therefore, a simple mobile phone cannot be used directly to control any such appliances. Some special hardware is required to turn a mobile phone into a universal remote capable of controlling the IR based home appliances. Automation of the surrounding environment of a modern human being allows increased work efficiency and comfort. There has been a significant development in the area of an individual’s routine tasks and those that can be automated. So, many workers are trying to implement universal remote using smart mobile as a part of Home Automation System

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