The Impact Of Orphanage Home On Child Personality Development In Nigeria

Orphanage Home
Orphanage Home
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Background of the Study
The orphanage home is one of the numerous social institution that have emerged over the year to carter for some of the social needs of orphanage associated with such problems.

Motherless babies have nowadays become common because of the moral decadence of the society young people who cannot cater for themselves find themselves put in the  family way they end up find abandoning those innocent helpless babies. The increasing hardship because of the present economic recession has increased the incidence of burden family relationship and the consequent loss of firm control of family members.

This has tended as evidence by the increasing number of abandoned babies such babies have become the central focus of the orphanage home the impact of orphanage home on child personality development that is the behaviour pattern of social behariour on child personalitydevelopment.

The research try to compare children between the age of one (1) month to three (3) years that grows up in orphanage home to those that grow-up with their parent children from the orphanage behave in a unique pattern thereby displaying some certain social behaviour attitude that could be associated with the up bringing in the orphanage home. I want to find out the positive and negative aspect of orphanage home on children personality development generally. Any baby that  lost his or her  parent especially the mother by what every means become mentally ill once it is discovered the illness is taken from the mother by the orphanage  children abandon in hospital or on the street are taken to the orphanage home.
Social welfare services and training of professional social workers of all categories social workers can succeed out making their contribution towards realizing their objective of government in improving people welfare only after they have keenly understood the problem.

The causes and the effect of those people on he community the desertation is an attempt toward such changes taking place and their documentation the study will focus on the impact of the orphanage home on child personality development in the later parts of his life.

The Kaduna orphanage home is the birth child of Jammiyyar Matan Arewa.

The Jamiyar Matan Arewa itself is a social organization of northern women established on the 27th May 1963 it was aimed at unifying the women folk and providing hem with a forum of welfare activities.

The organization was to be non-political and it membership was to be opened  to all tribes religions or social status at the very first meeting of the Jammiyar Matan Arewa which took place in the house of General Hassan Usman Katsina a steering committee was set up to carry on the task of mobilizing women for the association and also to plan and organize fund raising activities to meet up the financial obligation of the association.

1.2 Statement of the Problem
Children brought up in the orphanage home cannot cope effectively with the outside world this display in their dispositions because most of them tend to be introverts and always want to keep to themselves in few causes they turn out to be backward in speed and verbal intelligence.

According to Segmund Fraud (1945) children who grown up in the orphanage home may likely to affected in their culture tradition, and religion are their interests belief ambitions ideas and soon thus affecting the personality development as their behaviors is not only more indiscriminate but more immature than those children who are with their natural parent. Hence the increase in various research as to find out the effectiveness and influence of these home (orphanage home) on the child personality development.

1.3 Purpose of the Study

2. Determine the effect of orphanage home on child’s personality development.

3 Find out the morale and attitude of children raised in orphanages home.

1.4 Research Questions.
1. What are the positive and negative impact of orphanages home on the child’s personality development.
2. What are the likely effect of orphanages home on the child personality.
3. What are the morale and attitude acquired by children raised in the orphanages home.

1.5 Scope of the Study
This study is limited to the orphanages home Kaduna. Therefore the study is restricted to the impact of orphanages home on the child’s personality development.

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