Influence Of Home Environment On The Academic Performance Of Secondary School Students In Imo State

Principals’ Leadership Style
Principals’ Leadership Style
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The home environment means that family background of the child,which includes all the human and material resources present in the home
that affects child’s living such as the parent’s level of education,
occupation, social-economic status and the socializing facilities available in
the house. Thus the home is the basic in situation for providing the child’s
primary socialization and laying the educational foundation for the childupon which the other agents of socialization build. As a result of the greatneed for training of the young people, the government has come into guideand helps the home and schools this great task by providing the nationalpolicy on education which contains the national objectives for education.
National Policy on education (2004) has it that the board areas ofsecondary education are as follows:
a. Useful living within the society
b. Higher education
In specific terms secondary education hall
a. Provide all primary school learners with the opportunity for educationof a higher level irrespective of sex, social, status religious or ethnicbackground.
b. Offer diversified curriculum to cater for the differences in talentsopportunities and future role.
c. Develop and promote Nigeria language, arts and culture in thecontest of words cultural heritage.
d. In spire students with a desire for self improvement achievement ofexcellence.
e. Foster national unity with an emphasis on the common ties that uniteus in our diversity.
f. Raise a generation of people who can think for themselves respectthe views and feelings of other respects the dignity of labourappreciate these value specified under our board national goals andlives as good citizens.
g. Provide technical knowledge and vocational skill necessary foragricultural industrial commercial and economic development.
h. Provide trained man power in the applied science technology andcommercial at sub-professional grades.
 According to Abubakar (1990), the education which a child receivesfrom his or her parents is most likely to have a highly significant anddominant effect on his behaviour in his later life invariably what the childlearns at home and how his family motivates him toward education
contributes to the child’s success or failure at school. The environment
plays a very remarkable role in the life of every individual and theeducational aspect is also affected.
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