Reality Therapy As A Technique Of Stress Management Among Nigerian Married Women

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Reality Therapy


The study was carried out to assess Sources and Management Strategies of Stress among Female Workers in Zaria Metropolis in Kaduna State. In order to achieve this, four specific objectives and four research questions were raised. Four hypotheses were formulated. Survey design was adopted for the study. The population of the study was 3,947 out of which 197 female workers were sampled proportionately for the study. Female Workers Stress Questionnaire was used to collect data from the respondents. The personal data of the respondents were analyzed using frequency and percentages. The data collected to answer the research questions were analyzed using frequency, percentages and mean. Reality Therapy

To further probe into the research questions chi-square and t-test were used to test the hypotheses. The findings include among others that 173 female workers agreed that management of stress among female workers in Zaria metropolis is dependent on the sources of stress, the mean score of 2.73 agreed that stress significantly affect the home management of female workers. In addition, the tests of null hypotheses include, that there was significant relationship between sources of stress and management of stress among female workers, there was significant relationship between risk of stress and management of stress.Reality Therapy

In view of the findings, it was concluded that stress has negative effects on female workers. Based on the findings and conclusion, the following were recommended among others; there is the need for government and non-governmental organizations to organize public enlightenment through seminars, conferences, workshops and adequate communication system on dangers of stress.Reality Therapy



1.1 Background of the Study

One of the more easily understood conceptions of stress is the one which defines it as a state of discomfort, tension or emotional pain which arises when an individual is faced with a situation which presents a demand that is important for the individuals to meet but for which his capacities and resources are inadequate (Gimba, 2006). Maisamari (2002) defined stress as an action or situation that places special psychological demands upon a person or anything that can unbalance his/her individual equilibrium. Reality Therapy

Maisamari (2002) further stated that stress can be conceived as a problematic situation for which the individual has no solution at all. It arises when ones’ coping skills are inadequate for meeting particular problems in life. Stress arises from different places and the places where stress is generated from are called sources of stress. In Nigeria today, people are virtually operating in a tense environment. People under stress are ignorant of its sources and the consequences. David (2008) stated four major sources where one can encounter stress in daily living. They are; societal, environmental, work place and the home.Reality Therapy

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