Human Resource Management As A Tool For Attaining High Productivity In An Organization

Human Resource
Human Resource
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Background of the study

Available of resources is a vital need for the survival of human ventures. These include human, materials and financial resources which are very useful in the production chain. Out of all these resources the human component appears to be the most vital. This is because human beings articulate and activate other resources. E.g computers could only be operated by man just as car, machine and allied functional equipment would have to be controlled by man. In the economy of the nations human being constitute a very vital aspect of growth and development.

Human resources management is based on belief that people are organizations most important strategic resources. It is generally concerned with machines resources business needs in the larger terms, although it will some times address shorter term requirement. It addresses human resources needs both in quantitative and qualitative terms which means answering two basic questions, first ho many people and second, what sort of people? Human resources management also looked at broader issues relating to the way in which people are employed and developed in order to improve organizational effectiveness. It can therefore play an important part in strategic human resources management.

Human resources management entails the process of getting the right numbers of qualified people into the right job at the right time or it is the system of matching the supply of people internally (existing employee) and externally (these to be hired or searched for) with the opening the organization expects to have over a given period of time.

Human resources management is the process of analyzing and identified the needs for and availability of human resources so the organization can meet its objective. In most organization, that do human resources management, the top executive and subordinates staff specialist have most of their responsibilities for management, however, other managers most provide data for the human resources specialist to analyze. In turn these managers needs to receive data from the human resources unit because top managers are responsible for the over all strategic management, they usually ask the human resources unit project.

The human resource needed to implement over all organization goals. Human resources management will help the organization to be able to forecast for future human resources. Human resources management help in the area of making goods organizational policies terms of recruitment, selection, placement, training and development i.e helping the organization to get skilled and competence people needed in the organization and placing them at the right place and at the right time in the organization which can help to give rise to increase in the organizational productivity.Human Resource

Statement of the problem

This research is carried out to evaluate the impact of human resources management on productivity in business organizations as it affects of Peugeot Automobile Nigeria Limited Kaduna (PAN). The research study seeks to find out the problems associated with the human resources management and how it can affect the level of productivity in an organization.Human Resource

The study seeks to understand the reasons why some organization undermine the human resources management inspite of it stated importance and role in achieving help productivity and its immense contribution to the organization of employee efficiency.Human Resource

It is expected that with all this problems the research work will bring about proper means and methods of achieving the organizations objectives with proper investment in human resources management.

The researcher study is an attempt to investigate and verify

The problems encountered in the process of human resources management.
Identify the importance attached to human resources management by different organization.
Out-line the contributions effective, human resources management can have an productivity.
Objectives of the study

This research work is an effort to determine the following

What is human resources management
The important of human resources management.
Aims of human resources management
The process of human resources management.
The relationship between human resources management
Method and techniques of human resources management.
Pit falls to avoid in human resources management.
Impact of human resources management on producing in business organization.
Significance of the study

The significance of the study bring out the needs for an organization to constantly develop means of improving human resources management and productivity.

The important aspect of study includes the following;

To ensure that the right number of skilled/trained manpower are available for employment at the right time for all levels in the organization.
The study will contribute positively at the rate at which, how resources can be effectively utilized and how it can bring about high productivity in the organization.
It also hope that the study will assist future resources of human resources management on productivity in business organization.
Research questions

The research questions for this study includes:

How is the organization structured?
How are the objectives divided to various department?
Are there problems confronting the organization in association with the structure?
To what extent does organization structure has impact on the objective of the organization?
Scope of the study

The scope of this study is limited to productivity of Pan Nigeria Ltd. The research work is basically within the operation of Peugeot Automobile Nigeria Limited Kaduna. As a primary sources of data to investigate the impact of human resources management on productivity in business organization.

Other materials are from text books, journals, periodicals, internet browsing etc. will serve as the secondary sources of data for the research study.

Limitation of the study

This study is limited to the role played by human resources management on productivity in business organization. In any research undertaken it is usually associated with some constraints.

Some of the constraint of this research work include the following:

Financial constraint: This is considered to be the first constraint faced by the research. This really did not help matters working at the very fact that at a student there is always limited fund at ones disposal which formed part of these factors that discourage the research to go further than this. This extend in getting all needed data from this research work. a typical example is the fund for going to different places to get information buying of related literature text books that are not available in the school library.Human Resource
Available data: In no small measure, incomplete and accurate data also provide a lot of difficulty in carrying out this research work. as a matter of fact, it is because most of the senior staff were either too busy running their official responsibility that made them hardly to give the researcher the needed time to gather information or they were not just willing to do that, though some did co-operate just like most senior staff.Human Resource
Time constraint: This was the biggest constraint faced by the researcher because combining rigorous drilling of the institution i.e lecturers, assignment (both individual and group), test etc. on carrying out the research work made it virtually impossible to dedicate all the time needed to carry out this research work mostly easily.

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