Basic principles of counselling adolescent girls in crisis situation.

Rational Emotive Behaviour
Rational Emotive Behaviour
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Counselling Adolescent Girls


Before moving forward with this segment entitled: “Warning Signs,” let’s consider that there are many different types of crisis situations that can occur in the life of teens and adolescents. Furthermore, certain types of crisis situations can be very different than other types of crisis situations. For example, there is a big difference between the loss of a friend due to a tragic car accident and the loss of innocence due to sexual abuse or assault. However, both scenarios will leave a mountain of grief for the young person to suffer. In the case of a tragic car accident that causes the death of a close friend, a teen could experience loneliness for a long period of time due to the absence of that friendship and the sadness of missing the friend.Counselling Adolescent Girls

On the contrary, in the case of sexual abuse or assault, a teen may experience another type of loneliness that stems from an unhealthy distortion of his / her sexuality because of the victimization and crime inflicted. Those who experience sexual assault may remain lonely for a time because they are afraid to get close to “safe people” who claim to have their best interest at heart. This is especially true if the victim invested a lot of trust in the abuser, which is often the case. These two brief examples from above can demonstrate that warning signs can be helpful to indicate something is wrong in the life of a teen or adolescent since different crisis events affect persons differently. In the above examples, the warning sign for both scenarios could be a variation of what a teenager describes as an experience of “loneliness.” Unfortunately, warning signs alone are not enough to understand clearly the nature of pending crisis events. Open dialogue and disclosure are necessary in order to come to the full knowledge regarding the specific nature of the crisis your teen or adolescent may be experiencing. Therefore, it’s helpful to know that the following warning signs can indicate that a crisis is occurring or has occurred in the life of a teen or adolescent. However, there’s more work involved to discover the specific nature of the crisis itself.

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