Female Preferences Of Nigerian Home Movies (A Case Study Of Esut Students)

Female Preferences
Female Preferences
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This research work was carried out to know the female preference of Nigeria home movies. In carrying out this study, the researcher use the statistical formula. The population of ESUT students used for this study is 4500, the researcher determined the sample size by using taro Yamani method and got 400 sample size.  In an attempt to guarantee a liable data, the researcher constructed copies of questionnaire and administered to 400 persons and the exact numbers of questionnaires were returned to the researcher. The hypothesis tested were: Ho: that female preference in home movie does not vary Hi: that female preference in home movie varies Ho: there is no significant difference between female and male preferences on movies Hi: there is significant difference between female and male preferences on movies Ho: home movies have not contributed in the intellectual development of female students in ESUT Hi: home movies have contributed in the intellectual development of female students in ESUT. Ho: that watching home movies have no influence on Nigerian students. Hi: that watching home movies have influence on Nigerian students. Through the testing of the hypothesis using the chi-square method, it was discovered that female preference of home movies varies also there is a significant difference between male and female preference on movies and lastly, watching home movies have an influence on Nigeria students. Based on the findings, the researcher recommended that students perceive western values as a measure of ideal life and would prefer to watch more of  local television product if the quality of the production improves.



1.0              INTRODUCTION

1.1       Background of the study

1.2              Statement of the problem

1.3              Objectives  of the study

1.4              Research Questions

1.5              Research Hypothesis

1.6              Significance of the Study

1.7              Assumptions of the Study

1.8              Scope and Limitations of the study

1.9              Definitions of the Terms



2.0              Review of Relevant Literature

2.1       Sources of Literature Review

2.2       Overview of Nigeria Home Movies

2.3       Theoretical Framework of the Study

2.4       Perception of Nigeria Audience Female Home Movies

2.5       Females and Males Differ with Regard

2.6       Attitude of Nigeria Women Towards Nigeria Female

2.7       Summary of Reviewed Literature



3.0       Research Methodology

3.1              Research method

3.2              Research Design

3.3              Population of the Study

3.4              Research Sample

3.5              Measuring Instrument

3.6              Validity of Instrument

3.7              Method of Data Collection

3.8              Method of Data Analysis

3.9              Expected Result



4.1        Presentation Analysis of  Data

4.2       Testing of Hypothesis

4.3       Discussion of Findings



5.0              Summary and Recommendations and Conclusion

5.1       Summary of Findings

5.2       Conclusions

5.3       Recommendation




1.0               INTRODUCTION

1.1       Background of the Study

Film is an instrument of communication that informs and educate through entertainment.  It is also a motion picture, which as a reflection of the society reproducers the action of human being in thin coated roll or sheet of flexible materials used for photography. Researchers for a long time now have focused their minds in film viewing and preferences on the film.  This century have tried to identify film preferences on females upon salient features of their personality.  This write up have created a very short fund test, to address this problem which will give an instance feedback on the movie personality. In this project, the researcher set out to provide meaningful answers to these and other similar questions by investigating only the female preferences on movies. Agreeableness and Neuroticism on visual media preferences (for comedy, horror, action, romance and fantasy film genres). The analyses were carried out using data collected.  My Personality application on movie viewing and found that Openness, Conscientiousness and Neuroticism were the three personality traits which best predicted film preferences and gender notwithstanding. Individuals scoring high on the dimension of Openness were more likely to enjoy comedy and fantasy films and less likely to appreciate romantic films, which were very popular amongst individuals scoring high on Neuroticism. Conscientious individuals were more inclined to enjoy films belonging to action and romance categories. Gender differences with regard to visual media preferences were striking: the prevalent conception according to which females prefer romantic films, whereas male’s favors action films were confirmed. Finally, significant interactions were noted between gender and Openness with regard to preferences for action, comedy and romance film genres. Female’s fans of action and comedy genres were markedly more open than male fans, and the reverse was true with regard to romantic films. Overall, it can be asserted that the combination of gender and Big Five personality factors contributes substantially to our understanding of people’s film preferences.

1.2              Statement of the Problem

The bang of Nigerian home movies on female students is very important to the society now that most students in their leisure time enjoy watching home movies. Most of the movies are rated for general viewing are unhealthy for students but what does female students of institution of higher learning stand to gain when some of the Nigeria Home Movies they watch involves robbery activities, immoralities, rape, promiscuity, and other activities which may expose female student of ESUT to violent where they may tend to imitate the behavior of the characters. Such movies influence female students to appreciate stars who indulge in anti-social activities hereby causing problem in our immediate environment and nation as a whole. Another serious problem is that even though other variables can be controlled, there is still the fact that girl attention is glued to films/movies shows, once this happens, tendency is that other activities to be performed by our female students are greatly affected by their selection of movie. However, female preference on home movies can be of great advantage if such impact touches idea or value and norms that promote cultural in-heritage of our society. Every day lives are list violent and dumping grounds of prostitutes in our campus as a result of the nature of home movies student watches. It is against this background that the study  thoroughly examine female preferences of Nigerian home movies with its goal aspiration and to see the extent to which female preference on home movies especially ESUT students has affected the behaviors of students in the environment they found themselves.Female Preferences

1.3            Objective of the Study

The researcher embarked on this research with the following objectives:

  1. To evaluate why female preferences on Home Movies differ.
  2. To evaluate if there is any significant difference between female and male preference on Nigeria Home Movies
  3. To examine if Home Movies has contributed in development of intellectual of female students in ESUT.
  4. To identify the influence of watching Home Movies on Nigeria students.
  5. To examine the extent by which Nigeria Home Movies has influenced the behavior of female students in ESUT.
  6. To identify if Nigerian home movies have help in promotion of cultural in-heritage especially on female student of ESUT.

1.4       Research Question

  1. Do you think that female preference on home movies vary?
  2. Is there any significant difference between female and male preferences on Home movies
  3. Have Home Movies contributed in development of intellectual on female students in ESUT?
  4. Is there any influence of watching home movies on Nigeria students?
  5. To  what extent has Home Movies influenced the behavior of female students in ESUT?
  6. Do you think that Nigerian home movies have helped in promoting cultural in-heritage especially on female student of ESUT?

1.5       Research Hypothesis

The following hypotheses were formulated based on research questions in this study as thus:

Ho:       That female preference on home movies does not vary.

Hi:        That female preference on home movies varies.Female Preferences

Ho:       There is no significant difference between female

              and male preferences on  Movies

            H2:       There is significant difference between female and

                        male preferences on Movies

           Ho:       Home movies have not contributed in the intellectual development of female students in ESUT

           H3:        Home movies have  contributed in the intellectual development of female students in ESUT

Ho:      That watching home movies has no influence on Nigeria students

H4:       Watching home movies has influence on Nigeria students

           Ho: Watching Home Movies have a negative effect on Students

           H5: Watching Home Movies have no  negative effect on Students

           Ho: Nigerian home movie have not helped in promoting cultural in-

                  heritage especially on female student of ESUT

           H6: That Nigerian home movie have helped in promoting cultural in-

                    heritage especially on female student of ESUT.Female Preferences

1.6     Significance of the Study

The researcher is convinced that there are immeasurable significance of the home videos on the student as regards to their preferences.  Everyday lives in our campus are list violence. Our higher institutions are dumping grounds of prostitute, armed rubbers etc.  The student exhibits what they see on films.  As each days passes, negative information continues the way of life of Esut students . This study will examine and analyze the introduction of female preferences on home aspiration motives, purpose and achievement of examination of their choices, With the effects of present home videos the output of this research work is expected to be of immense benefit to the society in general and home movie industry.  This work will succinctly expose the inherent dangers of exposing our future home of substances to all sort of home movies. Mandatory measures would hence be taken and organize whose responsibilities include censorship would generate information that will make them come alive to their responsibilities. Female Preferences

Similarly not only the students that will gain but also the film industry which help to assess the number of film that shift for sale to different geographical location.Female Preferences

1.7       Assumptions of the Study

In a bid to keep the work within the limited time available, the researcher confirmed the study to the relevant of Nigeria home movies and the problems that mitigate the effective enhancement of female preferences of Nigerian homes movies. The study assumes that the respondents are right people, knowledgeable to give answers to research questions. And, that the respondents are honest, truthful and therefore the data collected is correct and reliable. All the evidence that the respondents gives corresponded with the answer that was collected by the researcher. More so, the method for collecting and analyzing data conform the acceptable statistical methodology. Female Preferences

1.9       Definition of Terms

  1. Communication: Communication is the exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, visuals, signals, writing, or behavior. It is derived from the Latin word “communism“, meaning to share. Communication requires a sender, a message, and a recipient, although the receiver need not be present or aware of the sender’s intent to communicate at the time of communication; thus communication can occur across vast distances in time and space. Communication requires that the communicating parties share an area of communicative commonality. The communication process is complete once the receiver has understood the message of the sender. It is also two-way process of reaching mutual understanding, in which participants not only exchange (encode-decode) information but also create and share meaning. See also communications.
  2. Movie: A sequence of photographs projected onto a screen with sufficient rapidity as to create the illusion of motion and continuity and a connected cinematic narrative represented in this form.  “THE SENATOR” film propagates double standard, lack of honesty, cultism, wrong society, value blackmail, lack of respect for parent.  Another movies “JENIFA” the film talks about a village girl that came to the city and began prostituting, at the end finds out  that there is no gain in it.Female Preferences
  3. Genres: Genre is a specific type of classification used for work of art, literature, music, or other creative pursuits. Items in a given genre often have common themes, a similar audience, etc. It is used specifically to describe classification of creative works because it has a certain sense of grayed boundaries. It is a category of artistic composition, as in music or literature, characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter.
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