The Effectiveness Of Television In The Political Development Of Rural Areas In Nigeria

Political Development
Political Development
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Political Development


This study is geared towards finding out the effective of television in political development of rural areas on Nigeria with special reference to Enugu East local government area were studies. The importance media of mass communication is university acknowledges the use television is limited because of some factors that militate against its full utilization, such as high cost of television, maintenance cost and power supply. Most rural communities are not connected to the electricity, non availability of television has made some rural communities to resort to the old traditional methods of transmitting information which is country productive and mockery of democracy especially now that we are at the stage of entering in to the new century. Television has the advantage of audio and visual facilities, hearing and seeing makes for a lasting impression. politicians and government could exploit television to get across their political activities and agenda to the  people. politicians could use it to market their political ideologies, progrmmes and by so doing win followers and supports through crating awareness and political enlightenment on Nigeria. This project is a survey research and primary source of data collection for the study in the main research question. The researcher made us of oral interview also to get across to the illiterate dwellers also to get balanced data and ensure credibility’s reliability of information supplied. Data collected were analyzed and interpreted. The findings reveal that the impact of television is not yet fully felt and enjoyed buy many in Enugu east zone because of the high cost of television and lack of electricity supply for those who own TV sets .in this democratic a, rural  dwellers need political education, awareness and enlightenment. The government should therefore do some thing to improve the economy of he nation to enable many to be in position to own TV sets. They should also embark on rural electrification. And political education. Ministry of information and that of public utilities should consider than possibility providing and developing rural television viewing centers for eh general public. Adult services should be encouraged and established in rural communities to eradicate illiteracy. Television authorizes should run more programmes to carry rural dwellers along. The researcher hoped that the suggestions would enhance political development and public enlightenment.





1.1        Background of the study

1.2        Statement of Problem

1.3        Objectives of the study

1.4    Significance of the study

1.5    Research Questions

1.6        Scope of the study

1.7    Research Hypothesis


2.1    Source of Literature Review


3.1    Research   Method

3.2    method of Data Collection

3.3    Research Design

3.4    Area of the study

3.5    Population of the study

3.6    Sample and Sampling

3.7    Determining of Sample size

3.8    Instrument for Data Collection

3.9    Validation and Reliability of Instrument

3.10 Reliability of Instrument

3.11  Method of Data Collection


4.1        Data Analysis


5.1 Conclusion and Recommendations of the study

5.2    Recommendation

5.4    Limitation of the study






Many of the developments that have accompanied the Nigerian electorate recent year has always been in intensely individualistic group. Hence political parties will always confront profound cultural differences. Given the cultural structure of the Nigerian electorate, the importance of television programmes cannot be overemphasized. The role of television in political development in the annulled 1993 presidential election is one of the greatest challenges facing the electorate especially those in the rural areas. This also is a typical case of election malpractices that have been the lot of Nigeria elections.

Television on its own part is an election gadgets with combination of sound and pictures.

It is the most effective, spontaneous message carrier of our time. Its conciseness bring to the masses especially the rural dwellers in on the spot account of the event making it number one when compeered to any other medium.

Admittedly television may be expensive as to  have it in very home or to be affordable to most people in the rural areas but when its ability to satisfy curiosity  by allowing you see for yourself is not just an over statement, again its ability to disseminate information in our various dialect also serves as atonics to language barriers.

Television as an integral part of the fourth estate of the realm, is expected as usual to play its traditional sole as a watchdog of the society and as agent of change and innovations in rural areas advertisement role on political trends aspirants responsiveness to the medium has become a major features of campaigns for public office at national state and local government level. Most rural dwellers are known to be financially poor because of their low educational status and cannot afford television sets. This has often been a problem to efficient and effective use of television on archiving political development in the rural areas. all things being equal, the term, “Television and political development  refers to all kinds of political services rendered to the populace to bring about information, education, entertainment and influence the rural dwellers.


Television is one of the most persuasive and effective media of the mass communication, but it has not been accepted in Nigeria as a popular medium. This owning to its relatively high costs, irregular electricity supply and ownership patterns that have made them the sole preserve of ether government of a few wealthy individuals. The people mostly affected are those in the rural areas including Enugu East local government area. Apart from the fact that they appear to be under reported, most of them cannot afford the price of television and the few that had not often receive the message because of the irregular power supply. As a result of this, the rural dwellers resort to the prior dial system of using the town crier to disseminate information. The use of television in improving the political life of the rural dwellers have not been achieved because of poverty in the part of the villagers and lack of sufficient support from government.


The objectives of this study is to know the extent to which television programmes have gone in mobilizing and persuading raters in the rural arras during election. Since television is mostly employed by candidates as a means of reaching the people. To know whether television medium has in any way contributed positively to the political life of the people, especially the rural dwellers. To provide easy access to development information diffusion at the grass root.


The study will help to create an awareness on the need for proper use of television in political development of rural areas, it will enable television producers to give equal converge to both urban and rural dwellers. It will help to create a  more coordinated soci-economic awareness on some burning issues at the grass roots. T is also hoped that he research will help in promoting political participation and national consciousness, it will ensure continued education for the rural population.


–                      Are the people of Enugu east local government area exposed to political advertisement and activities through TV?

–                      Does exposure to television programmes affects their voting pattern?

–                      Have television programme been able to create any positive impact on the total life of the people?


This study inherent the basic roles of the television in the development of any nation in transmitting information for the rural areas.  The researcher has covered a lot and one can hold the result of study absolutely conclusive.


There are some outstanding terms used for this work and for the purpose of clarity their definitions are given but where necessary, descriptions are used in place of definitions.


Is a process achieving people’s capacity to live a better and more rewarding life.


Is defined as the science or art of government .polices Is not confined to state but can take place in other associations and institutions,

Rural Areas

Are men and women who live in different urbanized communities of any country in contrast to the urban people who live in the towns or in a more developed environment.


Is the method of broadcasting still and moving pictures and sounds over a distance by means of electrical waves moving through the air. Through television,. Viewer can see and learn abut people, places and things in far away lands.

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