The Effect Of Good Public Relation And Organized Campaigns On Achievement Of Marketing Objective (A Case Study Of Nigeria Breweries, Enugu)

Public Relation
Public Relation
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Public Relation


This research work was on the effect of good public relation and organized campaigns on the achievement of marketing objective with reference to Nigeria breweries, Enugu.  Nigeria breweries know that public support and goodwill as well as good corporate image are very important for business success. Tends to be influenced by their publics which includes its staff, shareholders, and customers and of course members of the press. The company is actually very much interested to know its public problem areas and opportunities with the aim to improving the organization’s overall performance to enable them know what their public thinks about the organization and quality of services of the organization to its publics. The researcher therefore decided to embark on this study with the objectives. The objectives of the study are: To examine the role of public relations in building corporate image for organization in Nigerian with emphasis on Nigeria breweries and determine the extent to which Nigeria breweries has used public relations to achieve her marketing objective. To determine the extent of public Relations messages accessibility to their publics and also find out whether public relations practices influence the opinion of their publics. The literature review describes the various Role of public relations executives in commercial out fit, Strategy and scope of public relations programmes towards achieving marketing objective of an organization. Relevant data based on the scope of the study were collected through primary and secondary data with structured questionnaire as the main instrument administered to two hundred and fifty (250) respondents comprising forty staff, management and customers and members of the press. The questionnaire was highly structured and open – ended where necessary. The questions and the response were very standard to facilitate comparison of responses and to secure good control of the questions; chi-square (x2) was used to analyze the hypotheses formulated. Among the findings were that the Nigeria breweries Public Relations Media Message and quality of their overall services are satisfactory through their mobilization programmes and enlightment campaign but needs more efforts. Public Relation’s Practice influences their publics to favour her products through persuasive and convincing communication. The following recommendations were made; Nigeria breweries should always engage in a constant evaluation of their public relations practice and its effectiveness to identify any short comings. Media combination should be reviewed to always embrace appreciable coverage.



1.0              INTRODUCTION

1.1       Background of the study

1.2              Statement of the problem

1.3              Objectives  of the study

1.4              Significance of the Study

1.5              Research Questions

1.6              Research Hypothesis

1.7              Scope and Limitation of the Study

1.8              Assumption

1.9              Operational Definitions



2.0              REVIEW OF  LITERATURE

2.1       Sources of Literature

2.2       Review of Available Literature

2.3       History of Public Relations

2.4       Origin of Public Relation in Nigeria

2.5       What is Public Relation

2.6       Major Job Classification in Public Relation

2.7       Marketing Service

2.8       Publicity and Public Relation

2.9       Excellent Theory

2.10     Summary of Literature



3.0       Research Methodology

3.1              Research method

3.2              Research Design

3.3              Area of the Study

3.4              Population of the Study

3.5              Determination of Sample Size

3.6              Sampling Techniques

3.7              Research Instruments Used

3.8              Instruments of Data Collection

3.9              Validity and Reliability of Instrument

3.10          Data Process Technique

3.11          Expected Result



4.1        Presentation Analysis of Data

4.2       Testing of Hypothesis

4.3       Discussion of Findings



5.0              Summary and Recommendations and Conclusion

5.1       Summary of Findings

5.2       Recommendation

5.3       Conclusions





1.1       Background of the Study

Businesses are open systems, and most of what they do generate direct benefits and costs for their societies. Today society demands that businesses join in the urgent task of solving society’s problems. Corporations are more than economic institutions and have a responsibility to devote some of their resources in solving problems of which corporations helped to create.  However small or large the enterprise may be,  we cannot isolate our business from the society around us. Nor can we function without its goodwill. The researcher therefore tried to x-ray the public relations practice in Nigeria breweries to assess its effectiveness in building desired goodwill imperative to healthy business survive. According to British institute dictionary;  public relations is defined as a deliberate planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain understanding between an organization and its public”.  Again, another definition by Philip Lesley, ‘public relation is a thing that helps an organization and their publics accommodate each other”.  American Association of Public Relations Practitioners defined public relations as “Doing the right thing and letting people know about it i.e. applying the golden rule in our every day activities.Public Relation

From the above stated definitions, it is worthy of note that the importance of public relations department in an industry cannot be over–emphasized. Thus, it aids in the sustenance of understanding and harmony amongst the employees of an industry as well as that of the general public.  More so, it makes much for industrial harmony especially during a period of crises and depression.  Furthermore, there is need for public relations department in both public and privately owned industries.  This is because this department acts as a link between the industry and the audience in that it monitors the feedback process and applies the necessary tools and techniques needed towards the achievement of mutual understanding through constant communication.Public Relation

This research is aimed at looking into the effect of public relations and organized campaigns on the achievement of marketing objective with particular reference to Nigerian breweries; the practice, activities and objectives of public relations in an effort to maintain industrial harmony amongst the industries and the general public, the problems encountered by this department, and the possible solutions to those problems. The study is set out to find out whether Nigeria Breweries 9th Mile Corner Enugu, has in any way established rapport and goodwill in the course of its dealings with the various publics.  It will also identify whether the customers are satisfied with the products and services of the organization.  This study will also x-ray how far the public relations roles have helped or will help to co-ordinate the organization and its various publics (customers).   If the publics perception of the Nigerian Breweries image when determined is bad, then the researcher would be in a position to advise and make necessary recommendations that will enhance its image.  The image of the Nigerian breweries Enugu depends on her behavior and financial performance, her marketing polices and the quality of her products or services, the management style, approach and resultant satisfaction.  The protection and maintenance of the image of Nigerian breweries Enugu is the fundamental responsibility of public relation. As the conscience of the organization and its publics, it monitors the diffusion of the programmes of the organization to know when it impinges on public opinion and welfare. No organization can satisfy its numerous public without being perceived first by the publics as trusted and dependable. The dependability of the organization depends on the degree of the comfort given to the publics and her goodwill.   In relation to this, Walter Lipman (2012, p.102) asserts, “No administrative scheme is workable without goodwill and goodwill about strange practices is impossible without education”.  In other words, any new development in Nigerian breweries Enugu that is not communicated to the public in clear terms and with clear evidences so as to elicit favourable actions and to attain mutual understanding will be an effort in futility. Against this background, Nigerian breweries instituted the public relations department to help foster the activities of the organization in order to achieve its aims and objectives.  This is so because no business oriented organization can make any meaningful achievement without the help and use of a public relations practitioner.  It is easily identifiable that the basic philosophy underlying public relations practice is of prime importance in all spheres of activities.  The public relations man engages himself in doing well and trying to get credit for the good he has done.  This involves wining friends, keeping them and influencing them as well as others.  It also involves looking good by building and sustaining good image or goodwill through good deeds that will win favourable considerations for Nigerian breweries Enugu among members of the public.

1.2       Statement of the Research Problem

Coming to the ever-increasing number of competition Nigeria breweries does not fold its arms watching, rather she continues to diversify and expand on its activities. The reason being that should the company fail to satisfy her numerous publics by constant supply of product as at when needed, and of course quality product, the publics negative reaction would affect its profit making ability and in that respect, affect the nation’s economy.

This research work shall do justice to address certain problems like

  1. How far is the public relations message of NB plc accessible to her publics?
  2. Were the right public relations media often use?
  3. Is the public relations department of NB rated high by her publics in terms of its efficiency?
  4. Does the public relations practice of NIGERIA BREWERIES plc influence the opinion of their public in favour of NB.?
  5. Do the public relations consider NB public relations practice as adequate?

There is even more opportunity now that the counties political and economic environment is witnessing drastic changes. The civilian government is attempting to effect radical changes in the nation’s general attitudes and   value system, work ethics, patriotism, self discipline, self reliance, public accountability and all.Public Relation

These changes no doubt have aroused a lot of problems for corporate organizations. They have equally created a lot of public relations Problems of complex and diverse nature. The instability in our political and economic environment creates problems of insecurity and uncertainty. With such degree of uncertainty coupled with its attendant problems, public relations managers are handicapped a great deal as it affects public relations planning and corporate management of their organization image. Third world countries of which Nigeria is amongst, public relations have been mistaken for publicity, product promotion, advertising, marketing and even propaganda in both public and privately owned industries.  But it is quite clear that public relation is a combination of all of the above and even more. Again many people think that public relations involves a parade of pretty, elegant and sophisticated ladies with either diploma or university degree in any discipline in order to earn attention.  This is very wrong because public relations are all based on truth and carrying out research.Public Relation

Negative attitude of employees to work, management problems, inefficient services and general rising of costs of goods and services seems to point to the fact that public relations has to some extent failed in its role of establishing a good corporate image of Nigerian breweries Enugu as expected.


1.3     Objective of the Study

The aim and objective of this study is primarily to do the following:

–          To examine extent to which public relations contribute in building corporate image for the Nigerian breweries.

–          To determine the extent to which Nigeria breweries has used public relations towards achievement of marketing objectives.Public Relation

–          To determine whether the relationship between Nigeria breweries and its various publics is as a result of its public relations efforts.

–          To sensitize participants on many approaches for effective communication, capable of maintaining hormonal coordination in an industry.Public Relation

–          To educate the chief executive officers on the importance of this department and how to treat the employees in this department to achieve the very best for themselves.Public Relation

–          To ascertain whether public relation practitioners are on the right track towards achieving their set objectives.

–          Finally, to determine the nature of the public relations practice, procedure or approach which business organizations in Nigeria will apply to handle their problems.Public Relation

1.4              Research Questions

  1. Do public relations have any role to play in the management of any organization’s corporate image?
  2. Can Nigeria Breweries plc rely on the use of public relations to maintain and ensure manual harmony and understanding between the organization and its various public?
  3. To what degree have business organization, in Nigeria succeeded using public relations practice and strategy in achieving marketing objectives?
  4. Do you think that public relations are really an important tool for organizational harmony?
  5. Do you feel that the establishment of public relations department in an organization will help the organization in achieving their set objectives?

1.5       Formulation of Hypotheses

The following hypothesis shall be tested in this study.

Hypothesis (1)

Ho:      Public relations have no role to play in management of an organization        corporate image.

Hi:       Public relation’s has a role to play in the management of an

organization’s corporate image.

Hypothesis (2)

Ho:      Nigeria breweries cannot rely on the use of public relations to          maintain and ensure mutual harmony and understanding with its various


Hi:       Nigeria breweries can rely on the use of public relations to maintain and      ensure manual harmony and understanding with its various public.Public Relation

Hypothesis (3)

Ho:      Business organizations in Nigeria have not to a very large extent      succeeded using public relations practice and strategy in achieving        their     marketing objectives.

Hi:       Business organizations’ in Nigeria have to a very large extent           succeeded       using public relations practice and strategy in achieving

their marketing            objectives.

Hypothesis (4)

Ho:      Public relation is not a tool for modifying the publics’ attitude and executing programmes to earn public acceptance.

Hi:       public relation is a tool for modifying the publics’ attitude and        executing programmes to earn public acceptance

Hypothesis (5)

Ho:      public relations do not have positive effect on the overall     performance    an industry.

Hi:       public relations have positive effect on the overall performance of an        industry.


1.6       Significance of the Study

             This research study is of important because it is done at a time when most organization, including Nigeria breweries especially Enugu zone are saddled with image problems. The significant includes;

  1. The outcome of this research will enable all Nigeria breweries discover the extent of harm the company had suffered due to its bad public relations practices and consequently improve on its promises to provide effective, efficient and reliable services to its customer publics.
  2. It will be used by the company’s management to decide on how to improve on its customers relations and public relations practices.
  3. Similar organization will use it  as a tool in repositioning their business practice and how to avoid negative image.

1.7       Scope of the Study

The scope of this study is limited to the effect of public relations and organized campaigns on the achievement of marketing objectives in Nigeria breweries and their internal and external publics in Enugu metropolis.

1.9       Definition of Terms

–          Public Relations: Public relations are the art and service of achieving harmony with the environment through mutual understanding based on truth, knowledgeable and full information. . This is defined as the overall efforts put in place by the Nigeria breweries to ensure manual understanding and acceptance between the company and its Public. It is also the deliberate, planned and sustained effort to institute and maintain mutual understanding between an organization and its publics. It is further the procedure of programmes of activities of ensuring a link between an organization and its publics.Public Relation

–          Communication: This means the process through which needs, emotions, desires, ideas, sentiments and goals are expressed among human beings using codes, symbols and languages understand by the parties involved in the process.Public Relation

–          Company:      This can be defined as a business or an organization created to pursue profit by providing goods and services.Public Relation

–          Diversification:          This is the financial strategy of holding different investment to reduce the risk of financial loss.

–          Image: This is a mental picture, idea of concept of somebody or something. It could also be seen as a sensual thing perceived as an entity or a coherent which does not necessarily have something to do with reality of a situation.

–          CorporateImage  :  Corporate image refers to the overall reputation of an organization as determined by the various pictures, impression, knowledge, information and perceptions that the public’s of that organizations have about it. This involves the overall metal image, picture, impressions and perceptions which the public has about an organization.

–          Organization: This is a group with special purpose of coming together as one to operate a business ventures.  It could be government or private owned.

–          Building: This involves developing and establishing confidence or trust in something. This involves using public relations strangers to ensure public confidence and trust.

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