An Assessment Communication Development Through Internet Connectivity

Communication Development
Communication Development
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Communication Development


This study carefully examined the assessment of communication development through internets connectivity in Nigeria.  It points out that internet is not a panacea to the development of communication rather it is helped to remove constraints attached to the rural development

Internet communication therefore bridges the gap between professionals involved and rural people through initiating interaction and dialogue.

To accomplish this work the research was looked at the data used in carrying out the research where as the random sampling technique was adopted.  The population used for this study comprised of one thousand people in Enugu metropolis with sample size of ten percent (10%).

Primary data were collected by means of well- structured questionnaire which assisted in arriving conclusion of this work.

Above all the informant of communication via manual has reduced and now replaced with communication which has turned into digital.



Title Page

Table of contents



1.0              Introduction

1.1       Backgrounds to the Study

1.2              Statement of problem

1.3              The purpose of the study

1.4              Scope of the study

1.5              Research question

1.6              Significance of the study


2.0              Literature review

2.1       The need for awareness for the building of computer

2.2              Benefits derived from the use of computer

2.3               Enabling environment for computer application

2.4              Summary of related reviewed literature



3.0              Methodology

3.1       Research design

3.2              Area of the study

3.3              Population for the study

3.4              Sample and sampling procedure

3.5              Instrument for data collection

3.6              Validity of instrument

3.7              Method of data collection

3.8              Method of data analysis





4.1  Discussion of result

4.2  Conclusions

4.3  Implications of the research result

5.1              Recommendation

5.2              Suggestion for further research

5.3              Limitations of the study







The assessment of communication development through internet connectivity brought about development to the world and also Nigeria as of the third world nations.

Stein B.I.C Director of FAO Research extension and training division commented that internet is not a panacea for the removal of constraints to rural development   but it does bring new information resources and car open new communication channels for rural communities.  It other a means for bridging  the  gaps between development professionals and rural people through initiating interaction and  dialogue new alliances, inter-personal relationship networks and cross- sectional talk  between organization. It car create mechanisms and sharing of knowledge.Communication Development

Rural communities represents the “last rural of connectivity” challenge in both developing countries and developed countries with regard to access to infant service and the telecommunication connections that help transient those service.

Infant was properly designed to help communication education    and industrial innovation of the past country.

Innovation of the past country:

It can be found in a basket ball  sized 184  found attempts to calm the public outcry  after  the lunch  of the Russian satellite in full of 1957 president Eisenhower created a government agency to centralism federal    research  and development.  This new department would be called the advanced research projects agency or ARPA.  The  development of network technologies them followed a convoluted path as the focus  of ARPA was  redefined by a series of directors finally in 1965 Robert Taylor, the head of ARPA’s  information processing techniques office became frustrated by the  lack of  uniform operating would and the inability of several computer terminus  to  communicate.Communication Development

When Taylor was back in the office   mean while scientist such as Paul Barari Leonard Klein rock and Donald watts Davies had began developing theories   about networking.  After working individual all three scientist reached   the same consensus information must travel a network in the form of “packet” bits of information containing data from a larger fill and labeled with their origin destination and location in the file.  During a conference at Ann Arbor this information became available to the scientist money ARPA.  By utilizing this technique of packet switching and a system of interface massage processors” which standardized the signals from the computers to the network)

ARPA created the first network of computer using   existing phone lines- it is called ARPA net from the strain of one increasingly popular application E-mail.  The solution in the form of TCP/P, which was designed by Bob Kahn and visit self in 1970 with the introduction of TCP/IP, the “global network” that formed the internet became a reality.

The internet communication is created to serve the people in order;

  1. to enhance their chance of speed communication and fast development in the global world.
  2. it also allowed the new world technologies wide web to go beyond test or even images.
  3. it has become a vast library of media easily accessed by the average citizen.
  4. it for whatever reason people  must connect and share information that is why it is stated by Taylor that computer as an extension  of the user and network as an extension of the computer that is why it ecome a way for that interaction to occur.Communication Development

In Nigeria today communication through internet is not that much because of the components required for the project.  But in Africa Nigeria is rated for the third country that has launch internet in 27thSeptember 203. The remote sensing internet which was launched in Nigeria is not for communication but it made for search and focus finding and retune to day in Nigeria we have achieved enough benefit and development through the internet communication.

1.2              STATEMENT OF PROBLEM

Internet connectivity in Nigeria is so poor when compare with that of developed countries because the government of Nigeria Luke warn attitude in pursuing its advancement.Communication Development

The ministry of communication and that of science and technology are handicap in the sense that they are only after political gains and issues

The needed skills for proper computer connectivity are a vacuum which there is no guest presently in place to bridge.



The purpose of the study is to find out and x-ray the importance of internet communication.

The research further wants to know how much the internet has encouraged the people through its service and development and to x-ray the benefits in which communication through internet has done to the rural communities

I will subsequently outline the achievement of internet to communication and rural development and finally to show the grown of internet communication in Nigeria.Communication Development


1.4       SCOPE OF STUDY

The scope of this study is to create awareness and at the same time acknowledge the assessment of communication development through internet connectivity in Nigeria.

Further more the reason embarked on this topic is to find out how to Sentizer both the government and the people on the need to furtherance computer   connectivity.



1                    What roles does internet communication play in Nigeria?

2                    What impact does internet communication gives to socio-economic development of Enugu state.

3                    How far does internet communication serve the educational need of the target?

4                    How can internet communication be used to adopt the new changes and communication innovation to Enugu state?

5                    How for has communication through internet connectivity serve the need of communication?



This study will be relevant with following ways.

1                    It will be relevant instrument of research and information on whose ever that is seek information on the assessment of communication development through internet connectivity both in urban and rural communicates.

2                    This study will also encourage the creation of national information and technology consulting centers and work to   ensure that such centers target some of their service to under served communities.Communication Development

3                    Further more this research work with expose the government to involve men and women organization in the guest to development computer interconnectivity.Communication Development

4                     In another hand this work will help to assist to nurture the development of education Agricultural, Economy, polity, information sectors.Communication Development



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