The Role Of Radio In Propagating Nigerian Culture

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Culture is a very broad concept in sociology, Clyde Kluchohn (1905-1960), an American anthropologist defines culture as the total way of life commonly followed by the members of a society. He added that culture is a social legacy the individual acquired from his group. According to him culture includes values, beliefs, customs, religion, technology e.t.c

Edwards B. Taylor (2001) describes culture as “that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom, and any capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society” Culture possess an obvious continuity that extend beyond the lifetime of those who passes create and utilize it, and the structure of a society persist despite the continual replacement of its members.

However, the electronic media which radio is representing intends to pass the messages, it is important to know that it is through the media which is the radio that the targeted audience can be reached.

Moemaka (1997) observes that culture and communication have a symbolic relationship. Culture determines the code, context and meaning of communication and communication is the life wire of any culture without communication, no culture can survive.

Also, communication is man most ubiquitous and life-long activity. It is also the most significant. It has added to its transactional value a nexus of communal and group cohesion.

For instance, numerous studies have confirmed that an individual, in his entire life spends 75percent of each day communicating. One of such studies cited by Berlo (1960) says “each of us spends 10 or 11 hours a day, everyday performing verbal communication behaviour, we must all communicate, we simply cannot afford not to, he added that “Man cannot communicate”.

According to Ugboajah (1985), in his book communication: An Overview. To be is to communicate, without communication, man is not different from lower animals, our ability to carry symbols around with us, to interpret them and relate them around makes us distinct (from the lower animals) without communication, man will cease to exist as a social creature because communication is a social affair.

Also, communication is the sharing of idea, message, concept or feelings with one another to include cultural value of a society

Keyton (2011) says communication can be defined as the process of transmitting information and common understanding from one person to another

Communication according to Nsude and Nwosu et al (2006) is the art through which pieces of information are related form one person to another in the process of interaction.

Eziechine (1999) say’s that communication involves the exchange of information and ideas. In the words of Jayaweera (1991) communication is “An interactive process through which persons or group of people relate to each other, share information, experiences, culture and lots more.

For communication to get to its targeted audience it must be passed through a channel which is the radio.

The media is a compound of many things rolled into one however, the media is divided into two parts the broadcast and the print media. But one thing that remains common is the mention of the world “media” it brings about something related to news entertainment, information, cultural transmission.Propagating

According to O’Shaughnessy (1999 .4) the mass media are technologically developed and economically profitable forms of human communication, held in public or private ownership which can transmit information ,ideas, entertainment  across time and space to a diverse group of people.Propagating

Therefore through the broadcast media which is the radio crucial roles are played in education members of the society educating and enlightening the people on the need to uphold their culture.Propagating

Lasswell (1948) said that the foremost functions of the media which is the radio in any society is to provide surveillance of the environment disclosing threats and opportunity affecting the valued parts position of the community and component part within it, a reasonable media such as the radio should therefore be used to position the citizen in a way they would see the importance of their culture, there by fighting towards promoting this culture of theirs.

The Radio is believed to have the capacity which can cut through the barriers of illiteracy and is the overall development of the society. This perspective has been accepted by different authorities in mass-communication, from the long standing traditional change this suggests that the radio is relevant in power distribution and watching over the extent at which the power is negatively or positively being impacted on the people.Propagating

The mass media are significant part of the society mostly in this modern day where and when communication, information, technology has made the world a global village. To this effect a diverse and heterogenous group of people are dependent. Upon  the regular contact with the radio for education, information, entertainment, opinions,  ideas sensitization mobilization, integration among others, which  are is one way or the other connected to our attempt to define who and what are.Propagating

The radio transmits ideas information to the targeted audience, this shows that they are responsible for most adjustments in the behaviourial patterns of the people in the society. Sometimes these adjustments take the target audience unawares and they find themselves trapped in the manifestation of the acquired behaviour for instance “African youths who are faced with the relegation of African values to the background” (Odetola and Ademola 1985). Whichever way it is considered, the radio has used in this research work tends to show how they affect the lives of the people in promoting culture.  Propagating

The generally learned and shared ways of doing things that are peculiar to our society come under the shield of culture and this culture is transmitted from one generation to another.

This research work intends to examine the role of the radio in propagating, preserving and maintaining cultural value of Gbagir with a focus on how Nasarawa Broadcasting Service is working to preserve and propagate it from one generation to another.Propagating

It aims at finding out whether the radio as a channel of the mass media recognize their obligations to the society, especially in the area of culture.  Due to the fact that the culture of the people is supposed to be their identity and it is gradually fading away all because we African’s ignore our culture and prefer that of the westerners.

  1.         The research considers the type of food Gbagir eat, the way they dance the music, greetings, ceremony and their traditional attire et.c.



  1. The Radio like other media disseminates information to the public. It can impact positively or negatively but for the radio to be able to carry out it’s duties effectively and successful it has to go through some criteria’s.
  2. From the above statement the following are the problems the researcher would want to look into;

i.The inability of the radio to be able to cut through barriers of illiteracy.

i.The radio has not been able to impact positively.

i.The inability of the radio to be able to bring about change and reshape the life styles of the people.

i.The radio has not been able to carry out it’s roles effectively


The objectives for which this research aims to achieve includes the following:

  1. To know whether NBS radio preserve and maintain culture of Gbagri.
  2. To examine if radio recognizes its role in cultural propagation, preservation and maintenance in Nassarawa State.Propagating

iii.        To study whether the impact of radio on cultural propagation be encouraged.

  1. To know if radio has any positive impact in preserving and maintaining culture of Gbagri.
  2. To x-ray whether Nasarawa Broadcasting Service is able sensitize and educate the people of Nasarawa state on culture.Propagating
  3. To know if NBS able to preserve Gbagri culture.

1.4              RESEARCH QUESTIONS

In the course of this research work the following questions where raised.

  1. Does NBS radio preserve and maintain culture of Gbagri?
  2. Does radio recognizes its role in cultural propagation, preservation and maintenance in Nassarawa State?

iii.        Should the impact of the radio on cultural propagation be encouraged?

  1. Does radio has any positive impact in preserving and maintaining culture of Gbagri?
  2. Does Nasarawa Broadcasting Service sensitizes and educates the people of Nasarawa State on culture?
  3. Does NBS able to preserve Gbagri culture?


This study, hopefully will help to identify the roles played by the radio in propagating culture in Nigeria especially Gbagir culture in Nasarawa state.Propagating

This study also intends to help in determining whether the programmes of the radio has any effect on the Gbagri people of Nasarawa state.

The solutions and recommendations that would be made after this study will contribute to the growth and development of Gbagri and Nasarawa state.Propagating

Finally, this study will be greatly useful to intending researchers; because it will serve as reference and as a guide to them.Propagating

1.7   Scope of the Study

The research which seek to find out the role of radio in preserving and maintaining Gbagir culture with a focus on Nasarawa Broadcasting Service (NBS)

Therefore, the scope of the study shall be limited to the people of Gbagir Tribe Nasarawa state due to time available for this study, fund available, materials available and other logistics.Propagating

This study has been limited to Gbagri Culture in Nasarawa State. It has been chosen as the area in carrying out the research. It is therefore noted that the findings of this research is based on the findings gathered from Nasarawa State people and NBS staff and management.Propagating

Limitation of the Study

        It is not an overstatement that a work of this nature cannot be carried out without some hard experience, however below are some of the constrains to this work.Propagating

        There are many limitations ranging from not knowing where to start, not knowing who to consult or approach for materials not knowing what next to write in various segment of this study and not actually knowing who to put me through in achieving my work and others are:

  • Stress from other academic activities is one of the limitations to the research work.
  • Financial constraint to travel to different places.
  • Duration for the research work is relatively short.
  • Materials that are available on this topic is relatively small as the concept is new or people are not written from that angle.



The terms are conceptual because there are suitable for the research.

Role: The function or duty of a person or thing.

Radio: Is an audio medium it has the capacity to reach a mass audience.

Propagating: the act of promoting and uplifting something

Culture: Is the total way of life of a people, through which a given set of people are identified or known.


Role: The operation or duty of the radio in promoting and spreading the culture of Gbagir.

Radio: The channel or medium through which the culture of Gbagir is communicated through radio programmes e.t.c.

Propagating: Spreading and promoting of the culture of Gbagir by the radio.

Culture: The total way of life of the people of Gbagir, which includes their festivals.


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