Employee relations practice in the aviation industries in nigeria(a case study of the federal airports authority of nigeria

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This research work is carried out on the Employee Relation precut in the Aviation industries in Nigeria taken FAAN, Enugu as their main stay. The research which was carried out in a systematic and sequential order is making up of five chapters.

Chapter one, is the intioduition of the study, two, is a level of the literature three, is the researcher Design and methodology out of while determination of sample size was done, four war the Analysis and interpretation of Data where tables, percentages, responses frequencies and standard deviations was used to elaborate the result and Decision taken at the end of each hypothesis test. While chapter five set forth to summarize the findings give a proper recommendations and at the same time draw a conclusion to he study.

The questionnaire and oral interviews helped in getting almost some of the important informations needed for the researcher work while at the end Bibliography was drawn which comprises all the present text not later than ten years of publication used in given meaning to the research topic to make the reader interested and bias free in the manuscript.

The general finding of the research study was based on the extent employee relation proactive in the industry will increase the general patronage of their customers in other wards, meeting their standard and targeted objective of profit volume and also the general attainment of managerial functions as of given the employees five hards to paticipate in decision – making of the industry.

Based on the findings above, conclusions and Recommendations were drawn and based on the recommendations, conclusions were made.



1.0       Introduction

1.1              Statement of the problem

1.2              Objectives of the study

1.3              Formulation of hypothesis

1.4              Significance of the study

1.5              Scope of the study

1.6              Definition of terms


Literature Review

2.1              An overview of public relations

2.2              Objectives of public relations

2.3              Development of public relations in Nigeria

2.4              The role of public relation in marketing

2.5              The public of an organ

2.6              Public relation planning model/process

2.7              Problem of public relations

2.8              Company profile


3.0              Research methodology

3.1       Research design

3.2              Population of the study

3.3              Sampling technique

3.4              Determination of sample size

3.5               Research instrument used

3.6              Limitations of the study

CHAPTER FOUR               

4.0              Presentation and Analysis of data

4.1       Analysis of data

4.2       Testing of hypothesis


5.0              Summary of findings, recommendations and conclusion

5.1       Summary of findings

52.              Recommendations

53.              Conclusion



1.0              INTRODUCTION

The marketing environment of today has exposed scholars, individuals and the general publics about the understanding of human relations simply given a brand name to mean employee relations in our society. It is imperative to note that the marketers understanding of the consumer need in the market and the satisfaction of such need at the same time could be regarded as the employee relation practice in such market.Employee relations

According to OBODO (2001), employees are allowed free hands to operate in any organization without any interference or arbitany use of authority. They usually give their best co-operate existence and understanding should be the management’s watchword.Employee relations

This employee relation refers to the way people behave or act toward each other in any situation in a business organization.Employee relations

Taken a closely look at the definition of marketing given by the American institute of marketing when they defined marketing as a management process concerned with anticipating, identify and satisfaction of consumer need and want based on exchange function which gives profit to both the consumer and the organization through whom the satisfaction was derived. We will see that employee relations has two valuables that makes it possible:-

(i)                 LEADERSHIP: One of the factors in good employee relations is leadership which involves managers increasing productivity and profit by inspiring workers and ensuring adequate invectives for their effort and the establishment of understanding, goodwill between an organizations publics, policies and procedures of an individual ment to create public interest. UDEAGHA (1995).Employee relations

(ii)               BEHAVOUR: According to NOUGHTON ETAL (1998) understanding man and his behaviour is an important aspect of employee relations in any organization. Most of the problems we have today is as a result of human differences and characters in an office in all, it is important to make workers knows why they are engaged in one task or the other and also create an enabling environmental condition for all and Sunday in order to carry every body along.Employee relations


Employee Relation Practice in the Aviation Industry in Nigeria through the expected must effective channel of marketing a corperate services is the industry but because of the chocrimmaition of the senior staff and a feeling of being on top of the world has made it extremely difficult for some employees to coup with the demand of the day. In otherwards, the outstanding problems include;Employee relations

Due to the fact that most employees are afraid of another taken up their position they tend to hid things from their subordinates to be novis in the time.Employee relations

Relationships with the poor people are always neglected by the rich. In which case employees cannot effectively relate with either their rich customers and or their follow staff that are richer than others.Employee relations

The problem of more presentation and stealing attitude in collaboration with entrusted spirit we have for fellow, friends in our different endeavours has made it absolutely impossible for an effective public relation to exist between two persons how in Nigeria.Employee relations

The practice of public relations in some industries have become a very big problem in the sense that most of the follows in such industries are not in talking tense with one another. In the actual sense, where two or more persons have relations practice would have been defeated in such area.Employee relations

It is said that effectiveness of every communication is feedback, In other wards, where there is no respect in an office, the practice of public of relations in such area will not yield a reasonable fruit of moving the organization forward.


The broad objectives of this research work is to evaluate on how employee relations practice in the Aviation industry can improve the marketing of the federal Airport Authority of Nigeria especially in Enugu State. Therefore, the objectives of the research are:-

(i)                 To determine the effectiveness of public relations practice in the Aviation industry.

(ii)               To evaluate the level of satisfaction due to derived by the customers of the industry as a result of the practice.

(iii)             To identify the relations of their customers on the existence of effective public relations in the industry.

(iv)             To determine the impact of patronage to the industry as a result of the practice.

(v)               To find out the marketing impact of public relations in the Aviation industry.

(vi)             And to investigate the performance of the industry as a result of the practice employed in the industry.


Hypothesis 1

Ho:-     Customers of the federal Airports Authority of Nigeria are not satisfied with the public Relations practice existing in this industry.Employee relations

Hi:-       Customers of the federal Airport Authority of Nigeria are satisfied with the public Relations Practice existing in the industry.Employee relations

Hypotheis 2

Ho:-     Effective Public Relations practice is not the best for customers

of the FAAN.

Hi:-      Effective public Relations practice is the best for the customers

of the FAAN.

Hypothesis 3

Ho:-     The best method of attracting customers to the industry is not by adopting a sound public relations practice between employees.

Hi:-      The best method of attracting customers to the industry is by adopting a sound public Relations practice between employees.

Hypothesis 4

Ho:-     Public Relations practice will not change the market position of the FAAN.

Hi:-      Public Relations practice will change the market position of the FAAN.


The study to design to be beneficial to the following group of persons:-

The design of the study is in such that it will re-educate the federal Airport Authority of Nigeria on the basic of their public Relations practice to both their customers managers and subordinates. It will make them understand that any industry where there is no peace, achievement of stated objectives becomes a very big problem.

It is also ment to educate other individuals I other different industries in the country and in Enugu state in particular about the benefits of having a good public relationship n an office and the extent’ it will boom their marketing efficiency.Employee relations

It will also act as a starting point for some students especially those in marketing department wishing to further this research study.


The Scope of the study covers only Enugu state especially Emene in particular where we have our federal Airport Authority of Nigeria.Employee relations


The languages used in the above chapter were all familiar ones and as a result, there is no term to be defined.

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