A Study On Environmental Habitability Of Core Residential Neighbourhood In Akure, Nigeria

Environmental Habitability
Environmental Habitability
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The environment in which people live and how it is organized has profound consequences, both for the society and individuals. This paper, therefore, attempts to examine the relative environmental habitability of a residential core area of a medium city in Nigeria. The study investigate the quality of residential neighbourhood by looking at the characteristics of housing system and the condition of infrastructural facilities needed for comfortable living. It examined the socio-economic status of the residents in the area, their perception of the living environment and problems experienced. For proper investigation of the variables examined in the study, several research instruments were employed to obtain relevant information, which include questionnaire administration, direct observation, photograph, housing demographic and facility surveys. Findings from the study revealed that the neighborhoods lack basic infrastructure facilities and crowded with derelict buildings that lack essential household services. The environment is generally filthy and drab due to laizzez-faire attitude of residents, poor maintenance and the neglect of past government administrations. However, some recommendations in the form of policy guidelines were proffered, which essentially include extensive redevelopment and upgrading programmes under the auspices of Urban Basic Service Programme (UBSP). This is to be assisted with improved sanitation strategies for sustainable management of the area.


Title page
Certification                                                                                                i 
Dedication                                                                                        ii
Acknowledgement                                                                            iii
Abstract                                                                                      iv
Chapter One: 
1.0        Introduction                                                                        1
1.1        Background Information                                                     1
1.2        Problem Statement                                                              6
1.3         Research Objectives                                                             7
1.4       Hypothesis                                                                          8
1.5        Significance of the Study                                                     9
1.6        Scope of the Study                                                             10
Chapter Two: 
2.0        Literature Review

Chapter Three: 
3.0     Research Methodology                                         30
3.1     Description of the Study Area                             30
3.2    Research Design                                                            30
3.3  Method of Data Collection                                            31
3.4  Data Limitation                                                             31
3.5  Method of Data Analysis                                               32
3.5.1                   Summative Approaches                                       32
3.5.2         Simple Percentage                                                33
3.5.3         Incremental Averages                                           34

3.6            Test of Hypothesis                                               34
Chapter Four
4.0 Presentation of Data, Analysis of Data and Discussion of Findings                                              36
4.1  Data Presentation                                                          37
4.2  Data Analysis                                                                39
4.3  Discussion of Findings                                         41
4.4   Test of Hypothesis                                                         45
Chapter Five: 
5.0  Summary    of      Findings Conclusion and
Recommendation                                                47
5.1  Summary of Findings                                                     47
5.2  Conclusion                                                           48
5.3  Recommendation

A Study On Environmental Habitability Of Core Residential Neighbourhood In Akure, Nigeria

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