The Causes Of Poor Performance In Ssce Certificate Examination In Orhionmwon Local Government Area Of Edo State

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This research work is designed to look into the causes of students poor performance in science in SSCE in Orhionmwon Local Government Area of Edo State. then first chapter deals with the introduction and background of the study, objectives, purpose of the study, the limitation of the study and definition of terms. The second chapter looked into various literature and journals written by various authors that are relevant to the study. The third chapter deals with the methodology used in the study. The major instruments used for collecting information were questionnaire which is divided into science teachers questionnaire and students questionnaires. The fourth chapter carried out the analysis and interpretation of data collected from the respondents (questionnaire). The fifth chapter summarized the finding, concluded on the findings and the researcher made recommendations that will help improve the performance of students in science subjects in secondary school certificate examination. The researcher also suggested areas that need to be further investigated on the study.




Background to the study

Objective of study

Purpose of the study

Statement of problem

Research questions

Significance of the study

Scope of study

Limitation of study

Definition of terms


Literature Review



Research design

Sample of the study

Research instrument

Validation of instrument

Method of data collection

Method of analysis of data


Analysis and interpretation of data










Science is one of the most important subject taught in the primary, secondary schools and even beyond. It can be traced back to early men who used two stones to ignite fire, he had made use of scientific method to determine the development which leads to the discovery of new ideas. Science is a systematic body of knowledge which describe and classifies all forms and processes of life and matter. This is because it helps human beings to discover new ideas and the invention of numerous things that have reduced human efforts towards the achievement of a brighter life. The usefulness of science subjects has widened its scope to embrace many others concepts. Scientist posses some skills which enable them to observe, classify, measure, experiment, control variable, interpret data and communicate. They have also adopted the method of empirical research.

Science subjects are the vehicles of technological development and scientific innovations. There are other areas where good knowledge of science manufactured nuclear power, medicine, demography etc. to be more precise a country whose citizens are scientifically uneducated cannot be expected to make any reasonable technological based on political decision on such issue as nuclear energy and atmospheric pollution because of the rudimentary tools to grasp the various arguments. Based on these, therefore, scientific and technological advancement constitute the means by which countries of the world have been classified as developed or underdeveloped. The urban-developed countries are highly mechanized through technology; they have faster means of communication, easy means of transportation etc.

Inspite of all the usefulness of science subjects, students are being faced with many problems, which are manifested in students performance in our institutions especially at the secondary school level. Students in our secondary schools are being scared from science because of the assumption that the subject is too abstract in relation to other objects, with this fear in their mind, the students hardly do well in the external examinations especially in secondary schools in Orhionmwon Local Government Area. A look at this problem will make one to examine the reasons for this. In most secondary schools today, there is no adequate staffing in terms of qualification to teach these subjects. T he few ones are not dedicated to their duties. To some teachers, the teaching profession is secondary; much of their attention is paid to hawking of wears or working in the farm with the result that little or no time is devoted for preparation of lessons or paying attention to academic problems of their students.

The existing few science teachers teach the subjects without the use of teaching aids and the expensive cost of textbooks has extricate the whole situation. This research work therefore, is to investigate the factor responsible for t he poor performance and the negative attitude towards the subject.


The research will look at;

1.      The number of trained science teachers in our secondary schools

2.      The number of experienced science teachers in ou8r secondary schools.

3.      The adequate equipment and facilities for effective teaching of science in our secondary schools.

4.      The various methods of teaching science in our secondary schools.

5.      Students and teachers attitude towards science as a subject affect their performance in secondary schools certificate examination.


The reason for t he poor performance had earlier been highlighted. However, it is my belief that the degree of poorness in the performance of science students at the West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) in Oredo Local Government Area is alarming. It is therefore the purpose of this study.

a.      To draw the attention of professional science teachers to this appalling conditions of the subject in the area.

b.      To highlight the major factors affecting the poor performance of students in subjects at WASSCE from the findings of the research.

c.      To offer suggestion on the modern concepts of teaching science subjects in the area.

d.      To make parents contribute to the progress of the subject in terms of corporation and financing relevant field trip and laboratory which are vital aspects of science. This will go a long way in motivating students to develop interest in the subject.


The following questions will be answered in this study;

1.      To what extent do students taught by trained and experience teachers perform better than those taught by untrained and inexperience teachers?

2.      Do students with adequate equipment and facilities for teaching science perform better than those who attend ill equipped schools?

3.      To what extent do students with modern inquiry based method develop more interest than those students taught with archaic method of teaching science?

4.      Do students and teachers attitudes towards science as a subject affect students performance in school certificate examination


This study is concerned with the investigation into students poor performance in science in the secondary school certificate examination, the significance of this study also reflects in the value of teachers education, particularly in science teachers should be dynamic, innovative and effective in their teaching so as to inspire the students to learn the subject.


This research work has been structured to study;

1.      The students and teachers of science in the senior secondary school III class in the selected secondary school

2.      The facilities and equipment that they used in teaching science in the various schools.

3.      School certificate results in science for three consecutive session in the selected secondary schools were utilized.


Good and relevant textbooks: Book written by Nigerian secondary schools and useful to the school certificate syllabus.

Good Performance: distinction or credit in WASSCE examination

Poor Performance: Failure of WASSCE examination.

Classroom Environment: All good conditions that can be obtained in classroom, which encourage teaching learning situations such as good teaching methods.

And teacher-students relationship

Motivation to Learning Science: Good teaching method/techniques practical work, science facilities in the schools and good students/.teacher relationship

Resource Materials: The teacher resource simply means the instructional materials or aids which is used in amplifying the lessons to be taught and captures the interest of the learners to enhance their learning activities.

Science: Is a systematic body of knowledge which describes and classifies all forms and processes of life and matter.

Teacher: Is a person who is trained to educate and train a group of learners.

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