Design And Implementation Of A Computer Based Household Inventory System (Case Study Presidential Hotel Enugu)

Design And Implementation Of A Computer Based Household Inventory System (Case Study Presidential Hotel Enugu)
Design And Implementation Of A Computer Based Household Inventory System (Case Study Presidential Hotel Enugu)
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The activities in household inventory system is of both private and pubic in nature.  Household inventory system in the area of computer include remote control television set radio set wireless phone  ( hand set calculator etc.

However the research work embraces all   activities of household inventory management  valuation feasibility and liability but our study is narrowed down to the valuation of property as a way of bringing the work home.

It is focus on valuation because the field area of household inventory is generated to acknowledge the importance of household inventory to individual and the society at large.

The design computer is expected to aid the value in the inspection monitor of the households system by bringing into reality the picture of the property in question and give an acceptable report of all necessary analysis made with report complied by the system.

The chapter one contain the background of the study. Chapter two with its literature review and chapter three here address the overview of the existing system and chapter  four contain the design of the new system and chapter five show the implication program design program flowchart and chapter six explain the documentation while chapter   seven with the   conclusion recommendation reference and appendix



Background of the study1.1              Introduction

1.2              Statement of problem

1.3              Purpose of study

1.4              Scope of study

1.5              Limitation of study

1.6              Objectives of he study

1.7              Importance of the study

1.8              Definition of terms


Literature review

2.1              Interview method

2.2              Reference of written text


Overview of the existing system

3.1              Description of the existing system

3.2              Method of data collection used

3.3              Objectives of the existing system

3.4              Organization structure

3.5              Input analysis

3.6              Process analysis

3.7              Output analysis

3.8              Information flowchart

3.9              Problem of the existing system

3.10          Justification of the new system


Design of the new system

4.1              Out specification and design

4.2              Input specification and design

4.3              File design

4.4              Procedure chart

4.5              System flowchart

4.6              System requirement


System implementation

5.1              Program design

5.2              Program flowchart

5.3               Psedocode

5.4              Sources history

5.5              Text run



System description

Program description

User description


7.1              Conclusion and recommendation

7.2              Conclusion

7.3              Recommendation

7.4              Bibliography





1.1              INTRODUCTION

Computer household inventory system today encompasses either directly or indirectly ; A field of activity both private and public that taxes the imagination, it revolves around the ownership possession and use of the system.

The term “computer household inventory” include real property defined as computer handset calculator remote control alarm clock and other product of the system as well as space. Embraces any and every house or interest in household inventory and improvement there on.

The household inventory business can be define as a vocation in which property forms that stock in trade and is brought sold rented as agents for others or dealers of themselves or both.

A calling in skill and experience in household inventory coupled with high standard of integrity as presidential hotel  Enugu are offering as a service to the public.

The presidential hotel Enugu is a  firm of household inventory system value registered  1942, they carry on with computer household inventory management and house planning.

They are located at P.M.B 3017 presidential road Ogui New layout  Enugu. This from has it principal partner as professor Umeaha Commodore undertakes valuation projects for banks public financial companies on the area of invitation management and valuation process.  The design and implementation of computer based household inventory system will foucs on the practical job on valuation proper and report work the activities of presidential hotel in terms of professional and agreement certificate of value will be stated in the system design  the system will aim at bringing to view the  step of the process of valuation in the household inventory practice.

However much will not be discuss on area of different plans on production but the basis needs for its valuation will be focus on the system orientation during the professional research office equipment like reports of the valuation input/output resources and the company history was review for the purpose of colleting primary data the area of study secondary data are gotten from related literature.

Finally the design computer household inventory valuation system will be focus on the commercial property which may be used for mortgage rent as the case may be. The program is written using Visual Basic 6.0 for easy asses


The importance of household inventory cannot be readily appreciated unless its value is clearly stated by a value. Although the value of any household inventory differs from place to place and time to time but the basic of each valuation is relatively the same at the same instance and time.

If it is true different property  located at the same area with the same purpose can be valuated in the same purpose can be valuated in the same way there is need to ask. ? why the reputation of such valuation on different property in the same area? Hone can the various valuation job be centered to uniform the need of the property owner and the value what is the basic of valuation taking  to different  property at each given time?

1.3                 PURPOSE OF THE STUDY

The inventory designed for computer household valuation system is aimed at so making tedious work in calculation scaling and repetitive work of the manufacture appraisal.

It will guide the research in compiling all real household inventory listing off property valuated by portraying a data base of different property value that will show a prototype to the present job stoke and creating the enabling environment for its format and frame work.

1.4              SCOPE OF THE STUDY

Although presidential hotel is an established firm that has branches at Lagos Jos Abuja Port-Harcourt etc. all the information used for this research report is based on the collected from the Enugu office  due  to time and resources.

As much as the business   of household inventory system comprises of a while lot of household management valuation and facility etc.  the designed worked covers only valuation report

1.5              OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY

In companies and industrial where there is household inventory planning it could be observed  that properties in the different area of their department are well erected following the specific rules and regulation; the need for this planning is seen when the property owner want to know the value of his wealth.

Therefore the design and implementation of a computer based household inventory system will not only benefit the researcher and value or property owner but will also create and improved system of marketing agent and environment as follows.

The producer will find this hard value very much important because it will make his job feasible in course of any field (in course of any) work made on valuation and report to be presentable he will not need to expose his valuation report to anybody outside the business contract and the report will be made within shortest  space full time.  It will be a business ascribe as just in time business report where the need for filling  report will be eliminated entirely.  The property owner is at the better position to benefit because he will get the value of this property without much involvement and at every instance he stands to know precisely the value at which his property worthy.

This work aim at encouraging every principal agent independent contractors and other associate members to accept the need to be computerized in all their practical job since the marketing agents will find it interesting to always present the household inventory business on line as regards the status of real property in market at every given time.

1.6              IMPORTANCE OF THE STUDY

The research study is aimed at eliminating the manual system of household inventory system the project will help to create effective management information system in presidential hotel Enugu and most computer based enterprises.   Because the system will given information regarding items which have fallen to re-order level and can also be programmed to issue replenishment order thereby conquering the problems encountered in the manual system where the reordering system is overloaded.

Moreover the research work will be of immense benefit to the future researcher on the same problem because my approach to the fact finding was not a passive exercise rather all information were examined and challenged.

1.7              DEFINITION OF TERMS

Acceptance: Is an indication of unwillingness to be bound by an offer.

Access: Is the right of ingress to a parcel of household inventory property held

by another.

Accessibility: Is the easiness of ability in the value of property either by natural or artificial process

Agency: Is a legal relationship whereby one person is employed  to represent

another  in business or  legal affairs with third person

Agent: Is one who is employed to present another in business and legal affair

with third person

Commission: Is the amount due to a broker for service rendered usually figured as a percentage of the total price.

Contract: Is a promise or agreement the performance of which a legal duty and the breach of which is actionable at law

Equity: Is the owners interest in the value of real property usually reflected as

the different between the market value and the balance owned on the mortgage

Market value:  Is the price in term of money of which a property of exposed for a reasonable time will sell in competitive market at a particular time by a seller to a buyer each acting prudently and without obligation to act which knowledge of the uses too which the property can be adopted.

Ownership: Is used interchange ably with the term “title” to indicate one’s right to posses use and dispose of property

Principle:  Is one who employee another (his agent) to represent him in

Business and legal dealing with third person

Bin card:  This is the warehouse keepers record of movement of “IN” and

“out”  of the material under that his control

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