A Critical Assessment Of Surving Strategies For Money Deposit Banks In A Depressed Economy

Finance Banks
Finance Banks
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A Critical Assessment Of Surving Strategies For Money Deposit Banks In A Depressed Economy

Money Deposit Banks


 Banking is in the midst of change that has arisen due to economic depression. As government seek to improve economic efficiency and better allocation of resources to solve the problem of economic depression, policy makers are shifting towards openness, competitiveness and market discipline. Money Deposit Banks
In response to the developments, Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria engaged in financial sanitizing, management strengthening, corporate refocusing, Business Process Reengineering (BPR), mergers and acquisitions in order to survive the depressed economy. This whole process is called survival strategies through corporate restructurings. Money Deposit Banks
The writer made efforts to discuss issues, facts and environmental factors surrounding the wave of deposit money banks’ survival in a depressed economy like Nigeria. Money Deposit Banks
The impact of this research in banks was gleaned from five performance indicators namely total assets, total deposits, loans and advances, profit before tax and shareholders’ funds, of First Bank of Nigeria Plc. The research looked at the position of these indicators before and after the sanitizing exercise undertaken by the banks for survival and also, its impact on the entire banking system bearing in mind the effect of globalization on the financial market in particular and the economy at large.
Chapter four shows the presentation and analysis of First Bank’s financial statement with the use of chart, tables, bar chart and graph.
Chapter five summarizes all that was discussed from chapter one to four and gave suggestions on how deposit money banks can survive in a depressed economy. Money Deposit Banks
Finally, this researcher leaves this work open to constructive criticisms and expects future scholars to delve into further research and improve on this work.
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Table of Contents
1.1    Background of the Study
1.2    Statement of the Problem
1.3    Objectives of the Study
1.4    Research Questions
1.5    Scope of the Study
1.6    Significance of the Study
1.7    Limitations of the Study
1.8    Definition of Terms
2.0    Review of Related Literature
2.1    Issues in Bank Survival
2.2    An Overview of the Operating Environment for Nigerian Deposit Money Banks
2.2.1 The Macro-Economic Environment
2.2.2 Industry Environment
2.2.3 The Regulatory Environment/Legal Framework
2.3    The Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR) Option
2.3.1  Origin and Meaning of the BPR Concept
2.3.2  Fundamental Breakthrough Required for Reengineering Services in Banks
2.3.3  Key and Methodology for Carrying Out a BPR Project in Banks
2.3.4  The Role of BPR in the Survival and Sanitizing of the Nigerian Deposit Money Banks
2.3.5  Positive Effects of BPR To the Banking Sector
2.4    The Merger and Acquisition Option
2.4.1  Meaning of the Concept Merger and Acquisition
2.4.2  Legal Issues in Merger and Acquisition
2.5    Synergy: An Efficiency Indicator in Bank Sanitizing
2.6    Nature of Deposit Money Bank in Nigeria
2.7    A Historical Overview of First Bank of Nigeria Plc
2.8    Depressed Economy
2.8.1 Causes of Economic Depression
3.0   Research Methodology
3.1   Research Method
3.2   Determination of Population size of the Study
3.3   Determination of Sample size
3.4   Method of Data Collection
3.5   Method of Data Analysis/Interpretations
4.0   Data Presentation and Analysis
4.1   Financial Statement of First Bank Plc for the Month ended 31st March
4.2   Analysis of Total Assets
4.3   Analysis of Total Deposits
4.4   Analysis of Loans and Advances
4.5   Analysis of Profit Before Tax
4.6   Analysis of Shareholders’ Funds
5.0    Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation
5.1    Summary
5.1.1 Total Assets
5.1.2 Total Deposits
5.1.3 Loans and Advances
5.1.4 Profit Before Tax (PBT)
5.1.5 Shareholders’ Funds
5.2    Conclusion
5.3    Recommendation
Money Deposit Banks
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