Departmental Vote Analysis Book A Case Study Of Institute Of Management And Technology Enugu

Departmental Vote
Departmental Vote
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Departmental Vote Analysis Book A Case Study Of Institute Of Management And Technology Enugu

Departmental Vote



The Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) Enugu came into existence under the then Eastern Central State Edict N0 10 of 1973, promulgated in the Administrator of East Central State. Ajie Ukpabi Asika.

The edict took effect from ist July 1973 and thus give birth to what is now known as the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) Enugu. Dr. Ukwu I. Ukwu became the first chairman of council while professor M. O. chijoke became the fist rector.

The IMT Enugu has seven Academia’s school and 27 Academic departments and five administrative divisions as follows: school of Engineering ahs four departments , Civil Engineering, Mechanical, Electrical and Chemical Engineering technology.

School of Science Technology has four departments. Science Technology, Building and Quantity Surveying, Food Technology, Statistics, Computer Science, Printing Technology.

The school of Communication Arts:

It has two departments Mass Communication, Fine and Applied Arts.

The school of Financial Studies:

This school comprises of Accountancy, Banking, Finance and Insurance.

School of Business Studies:

Marketing, Purchasing & Supply, Business Administration and Management, Co-operative Economics and Management Secretarial Studies and Public Administration.

School of General Studies:

It has four department, languages studies, social sciences and humanities, Basic Science and Preliminary Studies.

School of Technical Teachers Education:

This school has the following departments foundation of Education. Business Education and Education.

School of continuing Education:

This school is made up of the following departments. Staff development or distance education (Uni-Air programme) part time programme. Departmental Vote

The Administrative Divisions:

The rector, Registry, Bursary, Library, Estate and Works, Medical Centre.

The Bursary department has been recording the expenditure of these various department from the data of existence to date.Departmental Vote The accounts are recorded in the Departmental office expenditure Analysis Book kept by the Bursar at the Institute.Departmental Vote

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