The Role Of Educated Nigeria Women In The Social And Economic Development Of Our Country (A Case Study Of Nigeria)

Educated Nigeria Women
Educated Nigeria Women
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Title page ———————————————–i

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Table of content————————————–viii


  • Introduction ————————————-1

1.1  background of the study————————4

1.2 statement of the problem————————9

1.3 objective/  purpose of  the study————-10

1.4 significance of the study———————–11

1.5 scope of the study——————————-13

1.6 research question ——————————

1.7 Definition  of  terms —————————-13


  • Literature review——————————-16

2.1 Roles of educated Nigerian women

2.2 Contribution of educated Nigerian women

2.3 problems confronter by educated Nigeria women

2.4 Sources of help top educated Nigerian women


  • Research Methodology———————–39

3.1 Design of the study—————————–40

3.1 Area of the study———————————–

3.3 Population of the study————————41

3.4 Sample of the study—————————–41

3.5 Description of the instrument  —————42

3.6 Distribution and retrieval of the instrument –43

3.7 method of data analysis————————43


  • presentation and analysis of Data ———-45




5.1 Summary of findings—————————55

5.2   Conclusion ———————————–59

5.3 Recommendations ——————————57

5.4 Limitations of the study————————60

5.5 Suggestions of the  study

References ——————————————–


Questionnaire ——————————————


The major purpose of the study was to determine the roles of educated nigeria women in socio-economic development of our country. The population of the study consisted of the 78 educated women. Both workers and visitors in women development center awka. The sample size for the study was 70 using simple  random sampling, with 90%  of the percent  of the entire   population four research question were formulated  which quited the study a 70 tem  structured questionnaire were developed, percentage was used to analyze  the data collected.  The major finding of the study were. (1) it was observed that women help in    building  of charitable  organization  motherless baby homes etc, awarding of  scholarship and building of health centers (2)  it was also found that  government is the most eminent  sources  of  help  to educate  nigerian women in playing.,  their roles it  was concluded that.  (iii) educated  women play a vital role in socio-economic development  of  nigeria  (2) educated women contribute in  building  of charitable  organization awarding of  scholarship and building  of   health centers ultimately it was recommended that above mention  factors (v) that federal government should  encourage  women education by criticizing early marriage in the country (2) government should create employment programmes for younger women to enable them to develop themselves.





Over   four  decade years ago  educated  Nigerian women  were  left out  in  most  of  the  national issues.   Most average  Nigeria  men felt  that the place  of  women   no  matter  the level of  her education  end in  kitchen.

However the  contribution  of  most educated women in  Nigeria in  the  recent time  have  cleared al doubt  in  the  saying that what  a  man  can do woman  can do  more  better.

Nigerian women are now coming forward  in this  21st  century to assert   and play significance  role in  the  countries    social   and economic  development   with their male  counterpart , they  have    left no  stone unturn in  carrying out  their  nature   duties either as a  civil  servant, commissioner,  minister, governor,  public  servant,  heads  of   non  governmental  organization  (NGO)etc. they now  organize  seminars  workshop,  campaign etc on women  empowerment  and  campaign on  feeding  methods and spacing  of  children and   number   of  children  which every  family   would  aim at  for  a  proper education   and  healthy up bringing.

Economically,   most idle  house  wife  in  the rural areas have be rehabilitated after  receding lectures on  the  roles  educated women in  developing economy and   women empowerment  in  our country. Some  embraced  waving  poultring , farming , hand  craft etc.  these  locally  made  craft during trade  fairs has  helped to project the ingenuity of  Nigerian women  as have   help to boast the economy of   the  country.

The  recent political interest     being  shown  by educated women   in our country  have also challenged the uneducated women  in  the  society  and the  masses at larger  to  understand that the  place  of   women  is   not only  in  the kitchen.  The past  immediate government recorded most of its  success in   most area which  was spearheaded by woman  the strong  and unbribable NAFDAC   Chairman Dr.  Dora Akuntelu she  took   it  upon herself to step drug abuse., Chief  Mrs. Ngozi Iwuala minister of finance recorded an unforgettable  impact  in that ministry   and  our country  at   large.  Also Mrs.  Oby Ezekwesili  the  minister of  education who  went a long way  in making Nigeria  educational  system, what  it  is today Dame Virge Etiaba   is  not  also   left  out  in  history   as the first woman  governor  in Nigeria  who turn Anambra state into   peaceful state  during   her (100) days in  office  as  governor  of Anambra state. To   mention but  a few.

Women  makes  psychological impact in  the society  with  the  talent they have as mother.   They knew the  best  way to approach the  youths children, they have in  many time organize themselves  in  groups to take care  of the  youths and educate  them on  the bad affect of  drugs  and other misconduct,  which they involve and  the impact of  their  contribution  is   been felt all  over the  country. Educated Nigeria Women


it is sometimes  said that women are   not  logical   that  their  thoughts  are  less  subject  to  control  by  the  rules  of  logic  and that  they  depend  upon institution and   emotion  more than  men.  It  is also  believed  that women are naturally   so constitute  that they cannot    be  otherwise.  This conception  had been used to rationalize  much of the  prejudice against higher profession  and top   business  and   industrial position. Are all these opinion about   women  facts    or are  the more  cultural  biases   having  no  factual base on  the  capabilities  of  woman.

The question on  their topic might  be asked who are these educated women? What  significant  roles  have  they  played or can play toward developing the country.? Though  women  are  later comers  in  the  race for education. Do  we   have women who have attained such educational   heights  as to  enable them play  the   significant  role  in  national development.


The  study  tend  to identify various  socio-economic   development of the  country.

  1. To identify the roles played by the educated   Nigerian woman in social  and economic development  of  our country.
  2. To examine the contributions of the educated  Nigerian  women  in socio economic  development of the country.
  3. To identify the problem facing the educated Nigerian women in  their efforts towards social  and economic development  of  our country.
  4. To identify sources of help and motivation that facilitate  the   educated women in playing  their  roles.


The  funding  of  these  research work  will significantly   create awareness  of  the  roles  of educated  women and how  to  improve  their performance and  participation in  social and economic development  of our  country.

The study  will serve as a  piece of motivation  to  the  uneducated   women on the need for women education  and  empowerment. It will also  inspire the educated women  more  on  the  quest for the   country  social and economic   development.  It will also  help to  eliminate  the humiliation borne by educated Nigerian  women in  the  country.  In essence  enable  their  men  counterparts,  government   and  families  to  understand   how important the  role  of educated women  are in  the development  of our country  thereby  encouraging women education both financially,  morally  and  otherwise.

Finally, The study  will also  be of great importance   to al  the  female  students in our colleges   and will also  act as a reference   material  to the  school library.


The work  is a research based on socio-economic development of  our  country  . it  is  to examine the role  of educated  women.

In  the  course of study.  The   contribution  of  the educated Nigerian women as  involved   in  the social and development  of  Nigerian should  be  examine. Problems   or  weakness as well  as standard practices will be  looked with as  identified and recommendations  will  be made  for  improvement.

No attempt was  made to look into  the    activities of other women such as the   business women  and   farmers.  The research  work will   not  also looks  into  the  domestic  roles  of educated Nigerian women in    their  respective  homes.


This  study sought   answers to  the   following   research question

  1. What are the roles  played by  educated   Nigerian women in  the socio-economic development  in  our  country.
  2. What are the contributions  of the  educated  Nigerian  women  in  the  social   and economic  development  of Nigeria.
  3. What are sources of help and   motivation  that  facilitate  the   educated women in  playing  tier  roles?.
  4. What are the problems that faced the  women in tier   effort at  the  social and economic  development of  Nigeria.


The  teams used  in t his  research  work which have   unique  meaning that could  be  subjected to different  interpretations   by different  readers  of  this  project  reports are defined as follows. Educated Nigeria Women

  1. EDUCATED WOMEN: this are women who have been to the school college  and  Those who  have  acquired  certificates  either as a degree holder master holder, NCE, ND, HND Holder  etc.   Educated Nigeria Women
  2. DEVELOPMENT: it is an overall trend or process in  which  socio- political   and  socio- economic    transformation  are achieved ,  it  is   the process  of  improving  or changing the quality  of  a thing.
  • SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT: It is an aspect  of development  that concerns   the  social  aspect of  life  people as regard.  Housing  public  health. Educated Nigeria Women
  1. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: This  deals  with  those aspects  of  life  designed to  give profit to  the  economy   as regards finance  agriculture, trade,   Educated Nigeria Women 

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