impact of manpower training and development on organizational productivity

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impact of manpower training and development on organizational productivity

Impact of Manpower Training and Development is an important tool for improving Human power in both skills and orientation, many organizations do not take it very serious which always undermine their productivity and growth, this study therefore, intends to bring out the important of topic empirically the study also brought out some useful suggestions in analyzing the notable problems always encountered in training and development both primary and secondary sources were utilized to conduct the research, in primary source, the researcher used some interview with relevant officers of our case study. For the secondary data, this study contacted textbooks, journals and the internet, it was found that Kaduna Refining and Petrochemical Company (KRPC) has programs laid down for its staff training and development under human resource department, the result was that this exercise has actually assisted the organization in respect of staff skill, orientation which leads to higher productivity and goals it was recommended that the organization should provide adequate funds for all aspect of training and development programs for its managers and staff and should introduce job appraisal technique in order to identify effectiveness and efficiency.

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