design and computerization of an electronic fund transfer system

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Simulation As Scientific process involves careful analysis and initiation of the real life event using an electronic device especially computer system and networking.

The feature grasps the utilization of these processes and transforms the stable system into acceptable or efficacisionus one. After having viewed the constraints in series of activities in the banking sector in series of activities in the banking sector in the country. An attempt was made regarding the utilization of the works computer system and network connection does. Understanding this concept an earlier attempt recalls the designing a new system that can resituate banks workers from the slumber working equipment (manual system).

Realizing this in the First Bank Nigeria Plc for analysizing an old system of money transfer forming electronic found transfer.

This exclude s special software that is unbreakable in feature that can run the organizational found transferring system.

However, in the security system, the program contains more security features that enable bank workers to determine the owner of the found transferred. Having seen nd observed this system towards developing safer and easier method of fund transfer yield more effort and zeal in to the analysis of this system to sound off our academic pursuit in institute of management and Technology. Perhaps this calls for implementation.


This work is divided into two parts: the first part is the preliminaries while the second part is the main body. The pre;iminary part com[pries the title page, the approval a page,the approval page dedication , acknowledgement table of figures, table of contents and the abstract. Then the bibliorgraphy and appendices were after chapter seven chapters. Chapter one outlined the problem definition, th purpose of the study, what the work is among at, the scope constraints and assumptions.

Chapter two review the related literature chapter three described and analyzed the existing system which specified the fact finding method used the organizational structure, the objective of the existing system, the input process and output analysis, the information flow diagram, problem of the existing system and justification the new system.

Chapter four described the design of the new system, and highlighted the output/input specification and design file design, procedure chart and system requirement.

Chapter five is the implementation of the designed system, having the program design and flow chart with it pseudocodes, sources program and text run.

Chapter six is documentation i.e user’s manual.

Chapter seven gave recommendation and concludes the work.


Title page


Table of contents



1.0 Introduction

1.1 statement of the problem

1.2 Purpose of the study

1.3 Aims and objectives

1.4 Project scope

1.5 Limitation and constants

1.6 Assumption

1.7 Definition of terms


2.0 literature review


3.0 description and analysis of the existing system

3.1 Facts findings method used

3.2 Objective of the system

3.3 Input, process and output analysis

3.4 Information flow diagram

3.5 Problem of the existing system

3.6 Justification of the new system.

3.7 Reference to written document

3.8 Organizational structure


4.0 Design of the new system

4.1 Out put/input specification and design

4.2 Output specification and design

4.3 File description

4.4 Procedure flowchart

4.5 System requirement

4.6 Pc’s hardware requirement

4.7 Software requirement

4.8 Operating environment


5.0 Implementation

5.1 Program design

5.2 Program flowchart

5.3 Pseudocode

5.4 Sources program

5.5 Test run

Chapter six

6.0 Documentation


7.0 Recommendation and conclusion

7.1 Conclusion

7.2 References






Electronic found transfer system is an organized process of transferring fund through electronic means by the use of computer where debits and credits are made into ones account.

First Bank Nigeria Plc, is one of the commercial Banks which has ventured into EFT. The system allows a customers account to be credited electronically with 24 hours any where in Nigeria, it transferring fund when compared with the traditional means such as mail transfer and telegraphic transfer. It is mere secure and time is saved when money is transferred through EFT. Such money (fund) is transferred electronically by the bank through their accredited branches or Agents.  electronic fund transfer system

Somebody in one of the states of a particular country who wishes to release found to a client residing in other part to different state of the some country will go to the nearest bank i.e. . First Bank that does the fund transfer system and makes his/her deposit. It is available for payment within munutes from any part of the country. If one is to end fund through the system (in the event of its being introduced) as soon as the fund transfer control number (F.T.C.N) is displayed on the screen. This is an indication that the fund is noe available for collection.  electronic fund transfer system


The system is designed to handle the needs of fund transfer customers and agent in on efficient and user friendly manner. Both new and experienced can use this work, it documents the software works following the flow of transaction as they usually occur. The money link system provides frameworks within various relationships among states operating it.




Fund transfer is a job that involves complex date and tedious calculation. Human beings what they cannot carryout the activities of transferring fund automatically. Manual transfer wastes to much times, it is generated very late, where there are many customers to attend to, it takes weeks to prepare the transfer which may effect the purpose of the transfer. Some are short paid and thus makes the system unreliable. The use of files, papers and file cabinet cost much and occupies much space. It also wastes a lot of time during information retrieval.




Generally the purpose of the study s to find out a way towards enhancing better method which will be geared towards alleviating the frustrations customers undergo in a bit to collecting fund credited to their account.  electronic fund transfer system

This is because instead of waiting for months, the entire transaction can be finished within minutes. Also the offices in change of the fund transfer will gain from this study because the problem they are facing have been detected and solution recommended the new system will erase the burdens in collection and processing storage of data and generation of report by the management for decision making and perhaps for the development of the organization.  electronic fund transfer system




The aims and objective of this system are to provide most Nigerians with a very fast convenient, reliable and secure way of crediting to the accounts of their friends and relatives.  electronic fund transfer system

Accurate and timely information will be made available hence efficiency will be advanced. Since customers can nearly be attended to without taking much of their times, since the speed of operation will generally increase as the computer on handle bilious of information items.




The study id concerned with the method of fund transfer. That is crediting fund from ones account in one’s state to another account as another state all in the same country.  electronic fund transfer system

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