design and implementation of a computerised online monetary transaction system

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Thousands of banks perform millions of monetary transactions every day and thousands of users follow almost the same banking system. the number of users increases more banks and more staff; are needed it means more money has to be put this system. If advanced computerized based banking system is developed, so there is no need to open new branches in remote areas or same branch provides services to other banking system example ATM system.
Banking system requires authenticity and validity if a system provides these basic logic that mean we can developed a new system that authenticate and validate the user and user can do any type of virtual or monetary transaction any time any where in minimum amount of time. One of the most authentic codes for recognition of any person is signature. It always appear on almost all types of documents, such as property documents, bank cheques, and credit slips, thus signature has a great importance in our daily life, therefore automatic signature verification is important in the field of document analysis and processing for which a lot of work has been done in the past.
Online monetary transaction system allows customers of financial institutions to conduct financial transactions on secure website operated by the institution, which can be a retail or virtual book, credit union or building society. To access a financial institution’s online banking facility; a customer having personal internet access must register with the institution for the services, and setup some password (under various names) for customer verification.
Financial institutions new routinely allocate customers number (also under various names), whether or not customers intend to access their online monetary transaction system facility. Customer numbers are normally not the same as account numbers, because more than one account numbers can be linked to one customer number. The customer will link to the customer number.
To access online banking, the customer would go to the financial institution’s website, and enter the online banking facility using the customer number and password. Some financial institutions have setup additional security steps for access, but there is no consistency to the approach adopted.
Net banking offers an inexpensive alternative to banking to expand a bank’s customer base and many banks are using online banking to increase the quality of services to their customers. Many banks have opened websites on the internet and many plan to offer banking services over the internet.

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