effective communication: a tool for achieving organizational objectives

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Effective communication in any organization, regardless of its type and size remains critical to the achievement of organizational objectives. This is more so, when any break communication will result in chaos, misunderstanding and conflict. Bank PHB, PLC lays great emphasis on both oral and written communication for the successful accomplishment of its goals and objectives.

The objectives of this study therefore are; to find out different methods and channels of communication and how these can best be used in achieving organizational goals. It was to also find out the barriers and problems of communication and how they can be solved. Consequent upon which, some recommendations were to be made on how organizations can improve their system of communication for optimum performance and higher productivity. The study adopted the descriptive method through structured means. The data collected for this study were qualitative. Therefore, the research relied on descriptive analysis.

A summary of the findings indicate that effective communication is an important factor for any organization that wants to achieve its objectives. While it was also discovered that ineffective communication could lead to difficulties such as breakdown in communication, low morale, industrial conflict and low productivity.

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