design and implementation of computerised encrypted data base system

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design and implementation of computerised encrypted data base system


This study was created in order to analyze and develop computerized data Encryption software that will help to protect and secure the data of Fugro Nigeria and its workers. It begins with an explanation of Encryption, its application, techniques and uses. It also examines the development of an Encryption system to enhance security, user identification and Company data transfer protection, and also to replace the older system of security which comprises non computerized methods like cabinets, use of padlocks and safes, with a stronger system which enables access protection, authorization, centralized storage and backup. There are various strategies and techniques used to design security systems. However, there are few that are as effective as encryption and decryption. One technique enforces the principle of least privilege to great extent, where an entity has only the privileges that are needed for its function.

Information security is the means of securing data or information from loss, theft, destruction, corruption and unauthorized access. In the past, security was simply a matter of locking the door or storing files in a locked filing cabinet or safe. Today, paper is no longer the only medium of choice for housing information. That information can also be stored in computer database, hard drives, floppy disks and other means of data storage. Therefore information security helps to ensure privacy and also protection of personal information.
One of the techniques of one of achieving this purpose is “Cryptography”. Cryptographic techniques have been used to protect information since ancient times, but only individuals and organizations with extraordinary need for confidentiality like the military government had bothered to exert the effort required to implement it. But as time passed and information security grew larger due to everyday businesses, cryptography became one of the most important tools for privacy and also a means of access control or restriction.
One basic topic in cryptography is that of Encryption and Decryption. Encryption is defined as the conversion of information*written, readable text) to an unreadable form called cipher text, which is impossible to read except of those that posses the secret key or appropriate knowledge to decipher the message. Decryption on the other hand is the opposite of Encryption that is the transformation of the cipher text back to its original form. The process of Encryption and Decryption require the use of secret information called the key. Cryptography is one practical means of sending information over an insecure channel. These channels may be computer networks, telephone lines, wireless intercom system, internet, bank ATM etc. the increasing need of using electronic means to store data has extended the need to protect the same data from corruption destruction and unauthorized access. Such information could be banking information, academic information, sensitive database, hospital records, etc.
Security is a primary issue which means that staffs of Fugro Nigeria Limited need to ensure that any confidential information is kept safe from corruption, destruction, theft and unauthorized access. Transmitting sensitive information such as security of financial data requires a system that can ensure privacy. The reason for using cryptography for storing important information is to protect the confidentiality of information and also to improve productivity, integrity and to prevent unnecessary abuse.
The topic “design and implementation of a secured computer system, using data Encryption and Decryption” is an introduction of a security strategy to safeguard information stored and used by Fugro Nigeria Limited. It is achieved by Encrypting any confidential information put into it, using Encryption mechanism and then applying Decryption mechanism in order to extract the original information.

The problem is security; the password method used in almost all commercial operating systems even those deployed in Fugro Nigeria Limited, is probably not very strong against a sophisticated attacker. The choice of data Encryption comes next for the reduction of unauthorized access of confidential files or company data.

1. The major objective of this study is to produce an Encryption software that will enhance data security in Fugro Nigeria Limited
2. To highlight the features of information security
3. To ensure that maximum protection and authentication of information is achieved
4. To ensure that information access is to only authorized personnel of Fugro Nigeria Limited
5. To highlight the dangers that may affect information
6. To help enhance information integrity
7. Implementation of a new Encryption Algorithm / Technique
8. To help safeguard against information when transmitting data across channels.

Due to the importance of encryption, most organizations have devoted so much effort to device access control measures that will prevent unauthorized persons from getting access to information that does not concern them. The significance of this study is to ensure the confidentiality, accountability, integrity and availability of information security and privacy in Fugro Nigeria Limited

The study is focused on designing an application using encryption and decryption techniques to safeguard the information stored in systems used by Fugro Nigeria Limited in order to improve security and secrecy of company data.

Limitations encountered during this project study include
– Poor power supply when developing software
– Lack of good text and journals on cryptography
– Inadequate finance. encrypted data base system
– Time constraint. encrypted data base system


ENCRYPTION: This is the process of converting ordinary information into unreadable text/ cipher text

DECRYPTION: This is the reverse of encryption, from cipher text to plain text.encrypted data base system

CIPHER: Algorithm that handles the encryption and decryption process. encrypted data base system

CIPHER TEXT: The unreadable text created after encryption. encrypted data base system

KEY: Secret parameter that determines the functional output of the crypto algorithm or cipher

ALGORITHM: A series of well defined steps that can be followed to achieve a task or goal

encrypted data base system

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