Factors militating against effective management of school records by secondary school principals

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This study investigated the factors militating against the management of school record by Secondary School Principals in Oredo Local Government in Edo State. In the course of this study, the descriptive survey research design chosen for the study and simple random techniques were used to get the respondents and data for the survey.
A total of sixty respondents were used as the sample study size. The instrument was validated and tested for reliability. Responses from the questionnaires were used to answer the research questions that were raised in the study. From the findings, it was discovered that there is inadequate preparation of records and acute problems in the record keeping process in Secondary Schools in Oredo Local Government Area, Edo State. However, majority of the principals and class teachers do not receive first hand training and orientation in record keeping. In addition records are still kept manually in these Secondary Schools, which in most case result missing records. It was also discovered that modern technology like computers has not been fully absorbed into the system for the purpose of recording keeping.
Based on the findings, the study recommended amongst others; the proper training and orientation of staff. Also, full computerization of the secondary School records should be encouraged. Furthermore, filing manual, adequate manual classification, security, storage facilities and fund should be made available to the principals of the Schools. Lastly, appropriate record keeping equipment like metal file cabinets, metal shelves, rubber files, printing machines, photocopying machines should be made available to all staff of the secondary Schools in Oredo Local Government Area.

Factors militating against effective management of school records by secondary school principals

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