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Programming Language: BASIC (For Other Programming Languages Click Here)

Programming Environment: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

Software Requirement: Visual Basic Studio 6.0 or Any Higher Version

1.1                                              INTRODUCTION
The internet stands for international network; it is a huge web of network system connecting million of people all over the world. In fact, internet is a network of network system; it is a global (world) network service. It was conceived by the United States government in 1969 and was first known as ARPANENT. The aim was to create a network that would allow users of a research computer at one university to be able to “talk to” research at the other universities. The benefits of Arpanet design was that, it could manage to routed and rerouted in more than one direction, the network could continue function even if part of it were destroyed in the event of attack or other disaster internet entered Nigeria in October 1996. As at February 1997, about seven internet service provider had been granted license by the   federal ministry of communication to operate in the country. These days, the society cannot  do without internet, e-mail popularly called electronic mail has almost replaced the post office mail.  Companies use the internet to distribute their Computer software, and   products thus reducing costs. Students register for external examinations and get result through internet .Internet assists users in solving problem by reacting to and debating each other’s ideas. Job seekers can access the internet to check available vacancies with the corresponding names and addresses of such companies. It is versatile, accurate information retrieval and above all user friendly. Internet café is a place where people can go to use the internet. This is not any kind of online thing. It is a physical place where people can physically go and use the net. Internet café could be a bar, a restaurant. It could be a place creates for such purpose like FEDERAL COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE ISHIAGU. The key is that it is a place where people can have access to internet in a social atmosphere for those who do not have it elsewhere. Frequently internet café have train and help a new user to surf the net. This is important because, it became possible for people who were not technically trained to access and use the resources available on the net. But still, they had to be technical enough to get access to the internet in the first place. There was need for a reliable and accurate method of billing in which internet user are charged according hence for the purpose of this work. The work is aimed at introducing a reliable computerized billing system, which will eliminate the ills associated with the present. The computer is targeted interface for a database system is used to establish an avenue whereby internet user’s data are in putted into the computer and it takes accurate time and changes such user for time spent on a computer. The ability of the computer to handle a large volume of data at high speed of processing and higher degree of accuracy has invariably made it the best tool for achieving this task.

 1.2 Background of the Study
Federal College of Agriculture Ishiagu is located at Ivo Local Government Area in Ebonyi state to carter for the problem of information technology of this age. Federal College of Agriculture Ishiagu has for functional units, namely supply of all type of computer, internet café, repairs and maintenance with qualified staff.
1.3  Statement of the Problem
There are problem associated and uncounted in the current of billing system. these include.

  1. Regular failure of the billing system
  2. Low security system
  3. Regular Failure of using network
  4. Unaccountability of total memory collected as many staff sells ticket.

1.4   Objectives of the Study
The objective of this project is to design a computer based application that is efficient and effective in achieving the goals of internet café billing system.

Scope and Limitation
The scope of this study is limited to internet café billing system as it exists at Federal College of Agriculture Ishiagu the application is able to input the computer’s data and you have the expected output. This study would have gone beyond this scope if not some limitation such as. Time which was due to limited time given to me there could not be further investigation about Federal College of Agriculture Ishiagu.
Implementation of the Study
Some importance of this project work is as follows;

  1. To enhance file security be strong data into the computer and restricting access to it
  2. To eradicate loss of money encountered in the old system.
  3. To motivate future researchers to go deeper into internet café billing system.

COMPUTER: This is an electro-mechanical device that process data capable of storing, retrieving and with a very fast speed.
USER: This is a person who enters the cyber café to browse the net which the user gets information needed.
INTERENT: This is a network of networks system it is a global network services.
INTERENTCAFÉ: This is a place where people can go and gets or deliver information by the use of the internet.
SERVER: This is the computer which controls or supplies information to several computers connected to the network or computer that carries out task for other computer on the network.
BILLING: This is the process of preparing  of invoices to charge users for their utilization of a communication system includes procedures for measuring their use of the network.
SYSTEM: This is a collection of organized set of computers, element and activities established to accomplish certain goals and objectives.

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