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This write up is necessitated by the need to generate massive employment thereby reducing the high unemployment rate especially among the youths in Imo state. The purpose of this economic program is to economically empower the youths in Imo state. Statistics show that over eighty percent of youths in Imo state are in need of a reasonable means of livelihood. Therefore, the youths will be empowered via a comprehensive business training to enable them acquire business and entrepreneurial skills, information, and knowledge. This comprehensive business training will enable them become self-reliant, create wealth and create jobs. The youths will undergo a day sensitization workshop where they will be enlightened on the benefits of the program. They will then be expected to choose a business or trade from our list of ten selected businesses. They will after that, undergo a comprehensive training on the business of their choice by experienced trainers consultants, with practical sessions following. At the end of this session, the youths will be technically organized into co-operative societies so that they can be assisted to access soft loans after the training. After being trained on the businesses of their choice, the participants will also be equipped with business management skills to enable them run their businesses profitably when started.

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