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The aim of this project is to find out the status and impact of an office manager in modern business organizations. To be able to carry out this study, the researcher reviewed relevant literature on the issue to form the theoretical base of the subject. Two examples of the purpose of study sued are: (i) to delete the wrong impression of the public on the major function of the office manager.  (ii) To find out the impact of an office manager in modern business organization. The main instrument used in collecting data for the study is questionnaire. The questionnaires consist of 16 items which are submitted to the project supervisor who corrected and approved it before it was administered. The questionnaires were later administered by the researcher and data obtained were analyzed using mean and standard deviation. The population of the study was fifty (50) secretaries, managers and other staff, out of which thirty (30) were used as the sample size. The major findings of the study are that the status of an office manager in modern business organizations is beyond a mere typist, shorthand writer, receptionist or anyone who can type document and handle office equipment and correspondence to some extent without educational qualification/certification and also that the modern business organization cannot  function effectively and achieve set goals easily without office automation and office managers as a result of their impact on modern organizations. Based on the above findings, it was recommended that adequate office machines should be provided, good and conducive work environment for their office managers due to the sensitive nature of modern equipment and machines and also, office managers should be sent for training as a result of technological advancement. 


The office manager has a great impact on every modern business organizations. According to Pigors & Myers (1984:55), an office manager is the life-blood of any office. As he has contributed greatly to the progress and improvement made by his organization. Aluiko (1998:10) asserted, an office manager is one that perform some or all the basic functions of management to some degree either regularly or occasionally. In addition to the above, an office manager can also be known and seen as one that controls or in charge of office machines and equipment and also does the work of an office without supervision.

Poor performance of duties and poor relationship with people (customers, co-workers, and sub-ordinates) can contribute to ruin the business or make the business to perform poorly. According to Nna (2011:109), effort must be made to make sure good human relationship are maintained in an organization. if the organization’s goal and objectives must be achieved. Every modern business organizations cannot do without an office as it function as the centre of all information that goes out and comes in to the organization.

According to Nna (2011:4) The place where all activities of the organization take place is the “office”. No modern business organization can achieve it’s goals without an office and the manager.

In the primitive age according to Nna (2011:19), business transactions were carried out without an office but through personal contacts and in their houses. But as a result of technological advancement, organizations cannot do without an office manager as a result of office machines and equipment that are bought and brought into the office which needs someone to control and manage it, the office manage became so important that the office cannot function by itself.

The office manager is saddled with a lot of responsibilities in the modern business organizations and offices as he also stand the task of advising his firms or organization on the type of machines and equipment that should be bought into the office that can enhance increase productivity and he also aid in thorough supervision of sub-ordinates.


Poor office management has greatly been a predicament in most offices or organization because most office task have been mishandled by incompetent hands, mostly these have greatly affected the productivity of the organization. the presence of an office manager is of great important to resolve these defilement and improve proper co-ordination and communication among staff.

Record keeping processes and task generated by the change of automated office management which in turn dictates changes in office procedures in order to maintain a flow of production in offices, posses a challenge to record managers.

Lack of training by the organizations has been a problem that the office managers face in the modern business organizations as a result of technological advancement, new machines and equipments are been brought into the organization which the office managers may need training in order to operate.

Lack of adequate equipment and working environment has greatly affected office managers in the cause of carrying out their duties in the office. Inadequate equipment in the office can lead to poor productivity, mal-functionality and errors in work processes and thereby giving wrong image of the organization and the office manager. Poor work environment such as noise, poor ventilation and lack of air conditioning in the office etc. All these has contributed  to ineffective work performances and poor health conditions which will greatly affect his (office manager) work. These specially constituted a major problem, giving raise to this study.


The aim or purpose of this study is to x-ray “the status and impact of the office manager in modern business organizations” other sub-aims are:

  1. To “delete” the wrong impression of the public on the major function of the office manager.
  2. To find out how modern office automation has affected the office managers, in carrying out their duties.
  3. To examine the importance of modern equipment in the achievement of organizational goals.
  4. To find out the impact of an office manager in modern business organizations.
  5. To view the status of an office manager in modern business organizations.


The outcome of this study may provide or bring useful and tangible information and new concept for office managers on ways and needs to improve in their skills in order to make a good image of their organizations and their management processes thereby leading them to achieve their organizational goals and objectives.

It may create avenue for modern office managers to improve on office management procedures and skills may be created which may be useful to office managers in the management of modern business offices or automated offices in organizations.

It may create awareness to eth office managers, of their impact and importance to modern business organizations, thereby challenging them to see the need of getting acquainted with the knowledge and skills in modern technological tools so that they can fit into their position in modern organizations.

It may stand to advice the office managers on the need to possess a good quality that will enhance improvement and good business reports thereby bringing their organization to achieve its set goals.


  1. What are the wrong impressions of the public on the person of the office managers?
  2. To what extent has modern office automation affected the office managers?
  3. What are the importance of modern equipment on the achievement of organizational goals?
  4. What are the impact of office managers on modern business organizations?
  5. How are the office managers viewed in modern business organizations?


The scope or delimitation of this study is limited to discussing; The status and impact of an office manager in modern business organizations.

The study is to be carried out within the state, in some established business firms and companies, precisely Port-Harcourt, NNPC Refinery Eleme, Nigerian Agip Oil Company Mile 4, Port Harcourt.


The researcher encountered some physical problems and lack of finance, really it was the researcher’s intention to cover more areas than specifies, but could not due to lack of finance and limited time allocated to the work made it difficult to cover the areas adequately as desired.


Organization: A group of people who form a business in order to achieve a particular aim or goals.

Office: A room or building use for a particular purpose especially to provide information and services.

Status: A condition that determines one’s formal position. That is, position in relation to others.

Office manager: One in charge or controls of all office machines and equipment and also does the work of supervision, have knowledge and skills to perform office works without direct supervision.

Modern days: The contemporary world or this present days or time.

Technology: Scientific knowledge used in doing things.

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