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This study investigates the role of social studies in correcting societal vices and improving social values among the youth. A case study of Abeokuta South Local Government Area. The population for the study involved some selected secondary schools and five school were randomly selected in the area, one hundred (100) questionnaires were developed to collect information on the role of social studies in correcting social vices and social values among the youth in Abeokuta South. The result of the analysis revealed that social studies as a subject is capable of correcting the societal vices because it is a social science subject. More so, the result show that social vices are delinquency, drug addiction and prostitution in our societies which can be curbed by morals while social values are ideals of pattern and standard of behaviour accepted by a group of people. Some recommendations were made for the further study on the topic.  


According to an ancient Greek philosopher Socrates an unexamined life is not with living. This assertion was made following the level of moral decadence in Greek period when Socrates flourished. In an attempt to inculcate a good moral principle on the youths. He advocate for self examination and the impact of one’s action and reasons behind it. This morality of an act is central in philosophical ethics. It deals with what bought not to be done.

Nigeria society is heavily charged with various social vices in our various institution such as secondary schools, the student hardly take time to reflect on the consequence of their action it is against this back ground that philosophical ethics tries to examine this is because it has the basic principle needed to include to inculcate in the minds of the youth. The moral qualities that are needed by every meaningful society. It is the only discipline that can help the student reflect on the consequences and implication of their action. It can eradicate kidnapping, armed robbery, prostitution to mention but a few, if philosophic would be embarrassed by all and sundry.

A personal or cultural value is an absolute or relative ethical value. A value system is a set of consistent values and measures. A principle value is a foundation upon which other values and measures of integrity are based. Those values which are not physiologically determined and normally considered objectives such as a desired to avoid physical pan, seek pleasure, etc are considered subjective and vary across individuals and cultures and in many ways coupled with the belief system. Values can be defined as broad preferences concerning appropriate courses of action or outcomes, as such values reflect a person’s sense of right and wrong or what” ought” to be” equal right for all” excellence deserves admiration and dignity. Values tend to influence attitudes and behaviour.

Therefore, the role of social studies in correcting societal vices and improving social values among the youth is over emphasis by scholars who have written on what is meant by social studies for instance (Mansard 1996) observed that social studies is concerned with more than just cognitive development, it is also concerned with shaping behaviour in the direction of what society considers as desirable for its sustenance and progress. Social studies is the study of man in his environment. It is designed to find out how man influences his environment and how the environments influence him through social studies. The learner is made to identify the realities of his being the problem emanating from his interaction/contact with physical and social environment and funding intelligent ways of solving them from the series of philosophies aims and objective of the nations of education and of the subjects the following objectives of social studies at the primary school in Nigeria as stated in the 1984 national curriculum for primary social studies are to help the Nigeria child:

a          develop the ability to adapt to the changing environment

b          inculcate national consciousness and unity

c          because a good citizen who is capable of and willing to contribute

            To national development

d          Include the right attitudes, values and skills with the above information on aims and objective a primary school social studies it is already equipped in his effort what takes to be a loyal and patriotic citizen.

More so, these problems can run adolescent lives by leading them to be put in jail, by limiting their education and vocational training opportunities by have unwanted pregnancies and by putting their future at risk. In addition, these problems are costly to a society in economic terms. Many studies from various countries indicate that delinquency, such as smoking drug and alcohol use and sexual behaviours that can cause disease are strongly correlated with each other. All of these problems are also associated with academic failure and school dropout. Adolescents with more than one of these problems are particularly likely to experience many of the serious and costly consequences of vices, violence, drug and alcohol abuse and risky sexual behaviours.


The problem of social vices nowadays constitutes a source of worry to people in the society both in villages, towns and cities. Youth restiveness is a despicable act being perpetrates by a significant proportion of our youths in our various communities that can no longer be ignored as it implies, it is a combination of action conduct or act that constitutes unwholesome socially unacceptable and unworthy whole activities engaged in by the youth in any community. It is a phenomenon which in practice has led to a near breakdown of law and order, low productivity due to disruption of production activities apparent increasing crime rate intra- ethnic hostilities harassment of prospective developers and other sundry criminal tendencies.

Therefore the aim of this project is to appears the roles of social studies in correcting and improving social values among the youths.


The purpose of this study is to investigate the role of social studies in correcting societal vices and improving social values among secondary school youths. Also the investigation will examine the roles of home training or cultural training in bringing up children who cherish social values in life.


This study is significant because societal vices have become a menace in Nigerian society in which the consequence is poor up bringing or poor child training among others. Also this research enables us to realize the importance of learning social studies as an avenue to reduce the rate of social vices within our community.


This study will be carried out to provide answers to the following research question.

1.                  What is social studies?

2.                  What are social vices?

3.                  What is social values

4.                  What are relationship between social vice and social values

5.                  How capable is social studies in correcting societal vices in our society.


This research is limited to select secondary schools in Abeokuta South Local Government Area of Ogun State. The study will also restrict itself to roles of social studies in correcting societal vices and improving social value among the secondary school youth.

The selected schools are as follow

1.                  Egba  High School, Asero Abeokuta

2.                  St. John High School, Kuto Abeokuta

3.                  Rev. Kuti Memorial Grammar School Isabo Abeokuta

4.                  Nawarudeen High School Isabo Abeokuta


Social studies: Is primary concerned with the study of people their activities and relationship as they interact with one another and with their physical and socio- cultural environment in an effort to meet their needs.

Social vices: Can be defined as an unacceptable attitude that is against the norms and culture of any society.

Social values: This can be defined as accepted attitudes that is valuable and pot ray the norms and culture of any society.

Society: This can be defined as a space which people are tiring based on norms and culture that is guiding them.

Youth: These are adolescents that are between the age of 15 to 22 years of age among the society.

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