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In recent time there have been a growing concern on purchasing information as a very important resource useful in nay organization. The realization of the purchasing information system (P.I.S) need is not restricted to business organization only. The growth and the complexity of firms have necessitated the call and need for role and efficient purchasing information system. There have been wide spread cases of inefficient decision making lack of accurate information, which shelter the efforts of an organization toward the achievement of good and objectives. The essence of this project is to ascertain whether purchasing information system has helped to facilitate decision making of management and to determine the extent to which it has enable the planning, control and operational functions of the organization to train the standard of efficiency required form good management. Also, this work is geared towards evaluating the influence of purchasing information system PLS on better management function to appraise whether it has contributed to the achievement of organization objectives.



The focus of this research study is on the role of purchasing information system PIS in the achievement of organizational objectives. Information is an undependable resource in every organization be it profit and non- profit oriented organization. We are actually in an information era, through organization has passed through different ear, the manufacturing and industrial era. An organization’s activities get improved with timely accurate and pertinent information that helps to make better decision in every organization.

Purchasing, information system consists of people, equipment and procedures together sort, analyses, evaluate and distribute accurate timely and apartment information or management decision makers the chapter is broken down into sub- headings via back ground of the study, statement problem pose of the study scope of the study, research hypothesis, research questions, significant of the study limitation of the study and definition of terms each sub-heading is discussed one after the other below.


The problem of purchasing information system PLS as an important tool to achieving organizational objectives is challenging to managers of any organization especially the modern day managers. No organizational can realized  its goods and objective without a concision effort using a well organized purchasing information system, thus, organization are concerned with goal achievement having mobilized and allocated resources including information. The essence o this study is to show the role of PLS to management and to ascertain whether it has helped in facilitating decision making or management and also to determine the extent to which it has enable planning, control and operational function of an organization.

Planning requires purchasing information system the managers have to retrieve information accurately from different reliable sources to enhance quality decision making purchasing information system is the reception of facts and idea and it is very essential to organization as in their planning and controlling functions. In terms of achievement of organizations objectives, accurate information in necessary.     


The essence of every research undertaking is to solve teething and novel problem posing serious threats to the life, success and survival of nay organization, we can as well say that purchasing information system in its own respect is the life wire of an organization and it has been widely used and acknowledged. It is a very sensitive function used by management.

Many organizations have realized their targets with aid of the purchasing information system and still there is lack of management expertise in adequately managing their information system for improvement although they might have one form of information system or the other. Let us state the inherent problems that bedevil the management of organization like NRWC so as to have a focus as to determine the solution by the ends of the work such inherent problems are:

1.      That most organization does not have efficient purchasing information system and if they have, their information system is not role as to its role towards goals and objective attainment.

2.      most managers are governed by intuition and judgment as to what course of action to follow in their planning and decision making function, many of them as a matter of fact do not make use of the information supplied to them from within and outside the organization and if they do, to some degree, the receive from the business environment.

3.      There is also the problem of evaluating the impact of purchasing information system towards the achievement of objective. Many managers are yet to capitalize and utilize information for decision-making and goals attainment. Therefore the question as to whether purchasing information system enable organizations achieve their objective has to be addressed in this research study.   

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