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The privatisation programme established by the Federal Government of Nigeria has entered a critical phase in which strategic investment and utilities are being put for sales of some enterprises due to individual hands. This research work is meant to highlight on the Rationale of privatisation. Its objectives is not only to enlighten the nation on the need to privatise but also to outline the essence underlying privatisation itself for a wider acceptance of the term in order that the benefit accrued to privatisation is felt by the citizenry as a tool for economic boast. For effective study of the research topic, the use of questionnaires, personal interviews and review of related literature were put in place.  The findings in this research work revealed that the concept of privatisation was not well understood and well pleasing to the staffers of the organisation simply because of the security of their job. Therefore the findings, privatisation programme was seen to be capable of putting in place functional and efficient infrastructures that is highly needed for a sustainable economy development of the country, as a means to significantly reduce waste and increase the scope of private sector involvement in the economy and finally promote overall economic efficiency growth in Nigeria. Recommendation were finally given and emphases were laid on transparency of privatisation process, visible benefit of privatisation, political commitment on the part of government to ensure successful privatisation of public companies. 

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