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The storekeeper in charge of the store should be someone with unparallel integrity highly experienced in store procedure and routing ability to do things in an organized manner and must be able to control people working under him.

The modern store in an organization has wide variety of functions that it has to perform as efficiently as possible. The way in which store perform these tasks will be reflected in the overall efficiently and profitability of the organization. The primary objectives of stores is to provide efficient service to the operating function and this must be fully appreciated. All other stores activities, although they shave their own relative importance are subordinate to the responsibilities.




The stores function is a vital part of industrial concerns, public and private utility undertaking agricultural enterprises, municipal authorities, armed services and Government department and it must be design to suit the needs of the organization it services. There is therefore, no standard system which can be universally recommended or applied but in the course of time, certain principles and practices of more or less general application have been evolved. In this book it is proposed of examine at length some of these principles and practices but it must always be borne in mind that the conditions of operation are very diverse.

The importance of efficient storage and control of stock in indicated by the facts that according to the monthly digests of statistics published by him. Stationary office, the total value of stores in stock in the United Kingdom exceeds $13.000m.

Store keeping is a systematic procedure of recording transaction in this store, so that at any given time, the stock will show the actual stock position of each material held within the stores organization. In organization where redwing function, storekeeping spans through initiating purchasing, inspection operations and receipt of stock items, documentation to the issuing of material to user department of presentation of authorization. There is no universally recommended system of operation in different organization but the basic principle are properly, mastered, than their adaptation to any situation or condition will be an easy task

Storekeeping provides a supportive need to the functional areas of the organization, without which no organization can run efficiently and effectively. In industrial concern, store keeping provide services which lead to the production of goods in a manufacturing company.


The need for proper storekeeping in an organization cannot be overstated. This is more important when there is need to maintain efficient and effective inventory control and management in an organization. The following problems has been identified by the research.

1.          Storekeeping and store keepers have no serious needs in inventory management in the organization

2.          Most personnel involve in store keeping and store control in experienced and skilled in the area of inventory management.

3.          The position of inventory control unit in the organization structure has negative effect on the activities of the storekeeper.

4.          Store keeping function is not recognized by top management as very essential.

5.          The process of storekeeping has move from minor to computerize system. There has not been any effort by to management to expose staff in value in storekeeping. The computer has to enable them acquire the needed skills and techniques.

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