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The research is carried out on the thrust to examine the influence of SMS political advertising (messages) on voting pattern of electorates in the 2015 Governorship election in Abia State. Short Message Service otherwise known as SMS play a crucial role in political mobilization, political awareness and in influencing the voting behaviour of electorate as it was tested during the 2014 governorship election in both Ekiti and Osun State that is why it was also used in Abia State gubernatorial election. Survey research method was adopted coupled with 300 copies of questionnaire that were administered to the electorate to find out whether they receive any sms that associate with politics during 2015 gubernatorial elections in Abia State and the how it influenced them. Out of 300 copies that were administered, 289 copies were returned upon which analysis was based. Frequency and simple percentage method coupled with table were used in analyzing the data. It is recommended that political parties, politicians, INEC and other stakeholders like National Orientation Agency etc should keep in touch with voters individually by sending SMS to them either to canvas for vote or to educate them on political conduct and in an attempt to get text messages across to the electorate, they can get the data of this demographic group from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) data base with the new SIM registration phenomenon, this should not be a difficult task.

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