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This study investigated Influence of Parental Attitude on Students Academic Performance in Junior Science Secondary Schools in Jalingo Local Government Area of Taraba State. Survey design was adopted for the study and simple random sampling technique was used to select a total of four hundred and twenty (420) respondents and questionnaire administered to them. The instrument was validated by experts in Taraba State University and research test and measurement. The data collected were analyzed with the aid of simple percentage. The findings revealed that parents in Jalingo disliked educating a girl-child mostly when they have a male child, many parents in Jalingo had negative attitude towards educating their children and even when parents have the needed resources they still found it difficult to educate their children. Culture, tradition and religion made no room for children to go to school and be educated, the fear of schooling might block the chance of marriage for the girl-child, early marriage and negative perception of parents towards educating children  were some of the factors responsible for poor parental attitude towards their children education. It was recommended, that greater encouragement should be given to children at home to go to schools, with government making free education for children at all levels of our educational system. It was also recommended that incentive must be given to women by way of employment and promotion opportunities to encourage them learn and take up interesting and challenging careers, which would give them the security and income they need.

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