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The human immune deficiency virus is a virus that infects cell of immune system destroying or impairing their function. As the infection progresses the immune system becomes weaker and the person becomes more susceptible to infections. According to Ayo Adereble (2011) the most advanced stage of HIV infection is AIDS, and it can take 10 – 15 years for an HIV infected person to develop AIDS.

According to federal ministry of health 2006, about 2.95 million people are estimated to be HIV positive in Nigeria, with one in 18 said to be between the ages of 15 and 49 in 2007 alone, it was estimated that there are two million people under 15 living with HIV while globally. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is the second most common cause of death among 20 – 24 years old consequently the public awareness and campaign on HIV/AIDS in Nigeria today can be said to be at its peak.

This as Baj M. S. (2008) observed is coming on the heads of the observation that Nigeria is one of the countries in Africa in which the disease is said to be pandemic.

Clearly therefore there is catastrophic consequence on the country’s economical, social, political as well as moral bearings for as it is noted in NACA, Pamphlet (2006), public awareness and HIV/AIDS campaign are one of them among efforts geared towards minimizing risky behaviours by encouraging moral uprightness especially in sexual matters between both sexes.

The main concern of this study is primarily on the use of media in the campaign by the various campaigners, against the scourge, with specific focus on AKBC Radio, Uyo. Chief amongst this anti – HIV/AIDS campaigners are the federal ministry of information, health as federal and state government parastatal like the National action committee against Aids (NACA) which is replicated in both outlook and function across the 36 states the federation and F.C.T, Abuja. This is in addition sustained campaigns emanating from specialized non – governmental organizations (NGOS) Education based organizations (EBOS) faith based organizations (FBOS) labour – based organizations (BOS) parents, teachers and sundily other bodies.

Again, as Dorj: (2009) has noted, those campaign are carried and sustained through various ways and means prominent among are the television and radio jingles talk show programmes and magazine adverts, posters, outdoor bill boards, pamphlet and hand bills. Others include door – to door campaign, musical concerts and read – side shows, and the principle target of the campaign is of course the general public.

Thus with the growing threat of HIV and AIDS to the social economic and political emancipation of society the campaign against the scourge should absolutely not be over looked by any society. And the media specifically, the radio has more social responsibility of campaigning to the public on the menace of HIV, since it is probably the most affordable media to average Nigerians

1.2 Statement of the Problem

The menace of HIV and AIDS is substantially felt in every society of the world. There is rarely and government that has not demonstrated concerted effort to curbing the scourge of HIV/AIDS pandemic, it is the worst epidemic humanity has ever faced , it has spread further faster and with more catastrophic long term effects than any other disease (Kofi: Annan, 2006) Its influence has become a devastating obstacle to development. As HIV/AIDS is no longer a public health issue but has become a serious socio – economic and developmental concern, there is an immediate need to act with an utmost sense of urgency and seriousness. When a disease is a multifaceted melady, as Singh J. (2006) opined, which affects as society, remedies have to be multi – pronged consequently, the thrust of this study are;

To ascertain if the programme has been able to achieve the required effect of creating awareness on the dangers of HIV/AIDS again to know whether the people satisfactorily understand the prevention strategies against the disease and finally to ascertain the overall influence of AKBC Radio programme AIDS and you on the listener.

The following objectives underline this study:

  1. To ascertain if the required effect has been created on the dangers of the disease by the programme.
  2. To examine the level of understanding of the masses on the preventive strategies against HIV/AIDS.
  3. To determine the general influence of AKBC Radio programme Aids and you on listeners.
  1. To what extent has the required effect has been created on the dangers of the disease by the programme.

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