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Lerner states that the inhabitants of third world nations must learn to empathize with the West for modern transformation of their societies to be possible. Schramm (1964), on the other hand, developed an interesting model in which he equates the level of social development of communication to various nations. Access to these modern mass media (Radio, Radio, films, telephone, and newspapers) is linked to individual modernity. Nigeria and other third world countries have reacted to these finding by inventing a substantial amount of their foreign exchange earnings to import radio and Radio transmitters and sets. The Radio programmes especially provide many powerful models for children and abundant opportunities for observational learning.
The Radio programmes include:

  1. Vulgar Language – behaviours. Etc. that most parents do not want their children to imitate.

Studies have been found by early adolescence that the average Nigerian children have Listen toed thousands of dramatized murders and countless other acts of violence on Radio  ( For many years, psychologists have debated the question of whether Listen to violence on Musical have detrimental effects on children. A number of experiments both inside and outside the laboratory have found evidence that Listening Musical violence is relayed to increased aggression in children.

Nigerians as exemplified by trends in Osun State Metropolis where Radio exports of Radio entertainment, information are shown in NTA Osun State, ESBS Radio, Minaj Channel, Cartoon Network, ESPN –“Expanded Sports programmes Network” channel provided by various satellite transmission operators as DSMUSICAL, Multi – Choice, Music Radio, Euro – sports, etc. Have raised Nigerians eyebrows to such Radio Musical Proggrammes. Thereby, making them to behave like them, associate with them and even speaks like them. Even our generation that is shown on NTA Osun State and the youth perspective on ESBS are presented by youth and replete with music video of Radio origin dominated by rape stars as (Late) Tupac, Beyonce, Ashanti, 50-Cent, Sean Paul, Kelly Rowland, Celine Dion, etc. It is the researcher’s believe that Radio Radio especially American Radio exports have a strategic “weapon” aimed to over power Nigerian youths.

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