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This study evaluated the Impact of Pre-Marital Affairs on Academic Performance of Students of Federal College of Education Abeokuta. One hundred respondents were used, twenty each from the five schools in Federal College of Education, Abeokuta, Nigeria. Random sampling techniques was used for the study and the data collected was analyzed using simple percentage, the findings of the study shows that peer influence, negative environmental influences e.t.c. facilitate pre-marital affairs among tertiary institution students. Based on the findings and conclusion, it is recommended among others that government should continue to organize orientation program me for the youth of the society especially students in tertiary institutions.



Sex being a universal term one would expect a great deal to be known about it. But this is not the case, partly because all societies regulate sexual activities. The family institution is where sexual activities or intercourse takes place between two adults if opposite sex pre-marital sex is not confined to young people alone; a good number of people who are not married are also vulnerable to pre-marital sex. This is evidence by the large number of unintended pregnancies many of which get terminated in back street clinics (Alo, 2008), the high rate of sexual transmitted infected among the 15-24 years old and an  increasing number of girls dropping out of school due to unwanted pregnancies.

            In a recent report released by CSA (centre for the study of adolescent) the age of sexual debut is now at all time low of between 8 and 12 years infact, 8 out of young people will have had sec before they reach the age of 20. This increases the chances of unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases as well as chance of dropping out of school. Also consequences diseases of pre-marital, sexually transmitted diseases. (As well as HIV) are higher for females. If a young girl becomes pregnant, she places herself and her unborn child at further risk. Because, a young girls body will not have developed to the point being able to handle child birth safely. Even of a young mother escape severe health consequences, she must still face serious responsibilities of parenthood. This is aside the fact that she drops out of school and excepts in rare cases she may never go back to school again (AIO 2008), modern society is becoming free in many different ways so that premarital sex is becoming more ordinary. Pre-marital sex seems to be causing many socials disturbance such as disorderly household and more corruption of public morals.

            The absence of social and economic opportunities for girls and women and the demands placed on them, coupled with the gender inequalities known to exist within the education system (Mensch and Lioyd 1998),may result in unsatisfactory school experiences poor academic performance and resignation to or preference for early childhood. Although pregnancy is often thought to disrupts the education of adolescent girls, teenagers reproductive behaviour may be Endogenous to school completion in that many of the same factors lead to drop out and early child bearing (Mensch and Lioyd 1999). Zabin and Kiragu (1998;215) speculate that in sub-Saharan African schooling may actually encourage sexual onsets, especially as it tends to remove young people from the supervision of traditional caretaker’s. As consequence move adolescent have to negotiate sexual maturation and sexual initiation in a different context that from than from that of counterparts in prior generations .In conjunction with the trend towards an increase in the age as marriage, the age at sexual initiation among young women has either remained the same or risen. At the same time, a shift has occurred in many countries towards an increase in the proportion initiating sex before marriages at ages when adolescent could still be enrolled to school.(mensch et al 2006)the issue of undergraduate’s attitude towards pre-marital sex is something that has a lot of controversies and complications. Many of these arguments are matter of opinions which still need to be substantiated with fact and figures before they can be accepted. It is not surprising that one out of every four undergraduates students are unsure if it is right or wrong to have sexual relationship prior to marriage, given how much undergraduates are in their daily living, starting from the post-primary years. The fact that most adolescents or young adults behave that pre-marital sex is important to the sustenance or reservation of the relationship does not entail that it is legally or customable right.

             However, constant presentation and portrayal of sex outside marriage as normal every day event by the media seems to be a motivational factor to those adolescent or young adults, thereby placing the consequences behinds.

            Furthermore one should understand that having sex within a relationship is a life changing event that greatly intensifies the depth of the relationship and therefore the intensify of the hurt of separation typically entails the building of higher and stronger walls to project one when the next relationship come along.

            The scripture, contributions of the church fathers and current theologian are all consistent in their views that sexual relations belonging only within marriage, but the belief of most undergraduate students considering pre-marital sex is that it helps on to evaluate one’s own sexually, understand the opposite sex at a deeper level and above all makes them feel belong or as port of University life. Reside it is pertinent to highlight some of the causes of pre-marital sex as financial challenges, peer pressure wrong notions and fear from molestation, intimidation and above all environment influence.

            Indeed, it cannot be rules out that sexual relationship strengthens courtship and serve as a lubricant that sustains a marriage. However, its disadvantage and consequence bring about certain psychological and emotional distress as it creates difficulty in developing real word trust. Thus, Adeyemi 2005 states, “If I could get her easily that way who knows if there isn’t somebody else “It also expose one to unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDs, Gonorrhea, Staphylococcus e.t.c it also contributes to and above all and brings about stigmatization on the individual involved as they are regarded as flirts prostitute etc. by the public.

            The meaning has since shifted referring to all sexual relations a person has prior marriage. This removes emphasis on which the relations are with. Sexuality among unmarried who do not have access to information about reproductive health and birth control can increase the rate of teenage pregnancies and contraction of sexually transmitted infection.

            The definition has a degree of ambiguity. It is not clean whether sex between individuals legally forbidden form marrying on the sexual relations of one uninterested in marrying could be considered pre-marital.

            In some cultures, for examples, in many modern day western countries, sexual absentinence before marriage is a lot valued.

            Historically, at least a significant portion of people have engaged in pre-marital sex. Although the number willing to admit to having done so was not always high. In a study in Nigeria, 61 percent of men and 12 percent of women born prior to 2002 admitted to having pre-marital sex, the gender disparately may have been caused by double standards regarding the admission of sexual activity


            Sex in itself, is not wrong at any age but pre-marital forms. Sex may harm the mental development of adults in several forms. Pre-marital sexual experiences many atimes, leads to the misconception that sex is to be enjoyed at whatever ways possible. Forced pre-marital affairs may lead to mental depressions and dilemma. Another danger is possible exchange of diseases as premarital partners may not be aware of diseases that spread through pre-marital affairs. Emotional imbalances and guilt feeling could be the result of most pre-marital affairs. This study is design to examine how pre-marital affects of Education, Osiele Abeokuta.


            The objectives of the study are to:

1.      Examine the reasons and causes of pre-marital affairs among adults.

2.      Determine how pre-marital affairs affect the academic performance of adult students in Federal College of Education Osiele, Abeokuta.

3.      Find out the risks encountered in pre-marital affairs

4.      Determine the solution to the problem encountered with the adult student through pre-marital Affairs


1. What are the causes of pre-marital affairs?

2. What are the risks in engaging in pre-marital affairs?

3. What are the effects of pre-marital affairs on Adult students?

4. What are the solutions to the problem encountered in pre-marital affairs?


            Although there is abundance of literature on the above, subject matter that is pre-marital affairs of adult student.

            In our higher institutions. The study will create awareness of the students to various problems that brings about pre-marital affairs the outcome of this will sensitive the school authority to provide adequate security to the students.

            Thus study will also help the management of the institution, the individual and the society at large. It will also help the school counselors to carry out their job effectively. From the study the society and the individual will know the importance of abstaining from premarital sex relationship. The study will also assist in the reduction of sexual transmitted diseases as well as unwanted pregnancy

            However, the study can also assist in creating awareness concerning the relationship responsible for pre-marital sexual relationship in the higher institutions. It will reduce the rate of pre-marital sex as well as encourage youth to “Zip-up” and maintain abstinence until marriage.   


The study on Effects of Pre-Marital affairs on academic performance is limited to students of Federal College of Education, Osiele, Abeokuta.


Sexuality: It is the capacity to have erotic experiences and responses.

Marital Affairs: It is the relationship between a man and woman who are legally married.

Diseases: An abnormal condition of the body or mind that causes discomfort or dysfunctions.

Depression: A state of mind producing serious, long-term lowering of enjoyment of life or inability to visualize.

Pre-marital Affairs: It is the sexual activity practiced by persons who are unmarried.

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