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This research was carried out to examine “The Impact of Organizational Change on Corporate Growth and Development” being the main purpose of the study. A case study of Uyo City Polytechnic, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. By obtaining the purpose of this study several related literatures were reviewed; source of data used in obtaining the information was secondary source which are textbooks, internet, management, CD, dictionary and other research materials while the primary method was used in collecting the data, where the researcher only makes use of questionnaire among the three methods. Thirty five (35) copies of questionnaire were administered being the total number of population used for the study. Out of 35 copies of questionnaire administered, 34 representing 97.1% were filled and returned while 1 copy representing 29% was not returned. The type of questionnaire used was closed ended questionnaire because it provided option boxes to the respondents to tick their choices. The research design used was case study design method, where chi-square was used in testing the hypotheses and decisions rule was observed. The result of these findings indicates that change plays a vital role in the organization which led to the achievement of corporate growth and development. Therefore, the researcher recommended that among other things, proper implementation of change should be made in the organization. This work is therefore, sub-divided into five chapters – chapter one contains the general introduction, chapter two concerned with the review of related literature, chapter three focused on research design and methodology, chapter five contained with summary, conclusion and recommendations. 

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