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The objective of this study was to determine the impact of motivation on workers productivity of staff of tertiary institution with particular reference to both the academic staff and non-academic staff of the tertiary institution in Ijebu-Ode Metropolis, South Western in Nigeria. Fifty (50) staffs were surveyed using descriptive questionnaire. The questionnaire contained twenty research questions covering the indices of motivation considered in this. All the questionnaires were distributed accidentally, and 49 (forty-nine) out of fifty (50) questionnaire were completed and returned giving a 98percent return rate. The 49 (forty-nine) completed questionnaire were analyzed using a simple percentage for the demographic data of the respondents and‘t’-test to test the hypothesis.

To improve on performance and productivity of the staffs, management should motivate them by paying good salary, improve their working condition/environment, accord them proper recognition and improve the staff management relationship.



Motivation is concerned with why people do what they do. It answers such question as why do managers or workers go to work and do a good job. This tries to explain what motivates people to act the way they do, with primary focus on the work place. It is the primary task of the manager to create and maintain on environment in which employees can work efficiently to realize the objective of the organization.

Employees differ not only in their ability to work but also in their will to do so (motivation). To motivate is to induce, persuade, stimulate, even compel, an employee to act in a manner which fulfils the objectives of an organization. The motivation of employee depends on the strength of their motives. Motives are needs, wants, drives, or impulse within the individual, and these determine human behavior.

Motivation then is the process of:

i.                    Arousing behavior

ii.                  Sustaining behavior in progress, and

iii.                Channeling behavior into a specific course of action.

Thus, motives (needs, desires) induce employees to act. Motivation, therefore, is the inner state that energizes, channels, and sustains human behavior. Since it has been established that all behavior except involving responses are goals directed, manager can apply motivational theories of management in their attempt to direct the job behavior of employees towards the goal of their establishment.


Workers carelessly work in the organization due to what motivates them. Some leave their organizations due to the fact that they are not motivated enough while some earnestly and honestly perform their roles in the organization due to what motivates them such as promotion, bonus, leave bonus, seminars, increment in salary, workshops e.t.c. which awaken their working spirit.


The study is to ascertain the motivational package of Tai Solarin University of Education.

i.                    To ascertain the application of the motivation techniques by the organization/institution concerned.

ii.                  To know the problem inhibiting the success of the employees motivation in the organization.

iii.                To know the response of the employees to motivational techniques adopted by the organization.

iv.                To provide solutions and recommendation where necessary on the best and effective motivational techniques used in the organization.


       I.            What are the motivational packages used by your institution?

    II.            What are the motivational techniques applied by your institution?

 III.            Is there any problem inhibiting the success of the employee’s motivation in the institution?

 IV.            Does the employees respond to the motivational techniques adopted by the institution?

    V.            Is there any solutions or recommendations on the effective motivational techniques used in the institution?


The significance of this study cannot be over emphasized. It will be based on the examination of the motivation practice in Tai Solarin University of Education, and to know the extent to which it is being carried out, the effects on the workers, the organization and the country at large. Moreso, to acquaint the various staff and different categories of employees to the need to embraces motivation which will go along way in achieving higher productivity. Besides, those students in the field of administration will find it educative, interesting and challenging in that, the various activities and techniques of motivation are revealed and logically analyzed.

Lastly, this project will project will be of value to those who may want to carry out similar research in the nearest future.


Motivation: This is the process of arousing behavior, sustaining behavior in progress, and channeling behavior into a specific course of action.

Management: This is process of getting things done through people. It involves planning, organizing, directing, coordinating and controlling both human and material resources for the purpose of achieving a set goal.

Responsibility: This is the subordinate’s obligation to perform a duty which has been assigned to him.

Leadership: is a person of using non-coercive influence to direct and co-ordinate the activities of group members towards goal’s accomplishment.

Manager: Is one who performs the functions of management (planning, organizing, staffing, e.t.c.) and occupiers a formal position in an organization.

Organization: This has to do with determination and provision of capital, material, equipment and personnel that may be required in an enterprise in order to achieve the set goals.

Organizational Structure: This is the establishment pattern of relationships among the components of the organization.

Organizational Chart: It is a diagram that shows the arrangement, positions and interrelationships of various component parts of company.

Employee: This is a person who is paid to work for an organization or business enterprise

Behaviour: Is the manner that someone, an animal, a plant e.t.c.  do things in a particular way.

Department: Any of the division or unit or a government, business, school or college and so on.

Employee’s Services: This is the maintaining of the general welfare of employees on the job and assisting with problems related to their security and personal well being e.g. medical services and insurance protection.

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