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This study sought to determine the impact of marketing communication on consumer brand loyalty using Pz cusson Plc Aba in Abia state as a case of study. Instrument for the study was the questionnaires the population size were 505 and the sample size were also 223. Data were analyzed by the use of descriptive statistic and were tabulated, chi-square represent a statistical tools to rest the hypothesis. This paper has also provided useful recommendations, which if carried out would help in effective branding on sales in the industry and should not be underrated.




Recently, increased attention is being paid by business, on how to achieve maximum returns in their investment and it is a truism that no business organization can survive in today’s competitive and adverse economy without effective marketing of its goods and services.

        Now, it is no longer the question of people beating their ways to the producer of goods mousetrap. The mousetrap producer is no longer alone in the production of good traps.

        In a situation like this, each producer must communicate the nature of his products, where to find them, their prices, their benefits and in some cases how to use them.

    Brand loyalty has been proclaimed by some to be the ultimate goal of marketing. In marketing, brand loyalty consists of a consumer’s commitment to repurchase the brand and can be demonstrated by repeated buying of a product or services or other positive behaviours such as word of mouth advocacy true brand loyalty implies that the consumer is willing, at least in occasion, to put aside their own desires in the interest of the brand. Philip Kotler (2007).

    Kotler and Armstrong (2004), reaffirmed the above fact, when they wrote that “modern marketing calls for more than just developing a good product, pricing it attractively and making it available to the target consumer. Companies must also communicate with current and prospective customers and what they communicate should not be left to change. All of their communication effort must be blended into a consistent and coordinated communication program, just as good communication is important in building and maintaining any kind of relationship, it is a crucial element in a company effort to build customer’s relationship.

     In general, the potential customer must know something about a product if they are to buy at all. A firm with a really new product may not have to do anything but inform customers about it and show that it meets their need better than other product, so the fact that people do not readily grab the advantages of the product particularly if it is entirely new, makes it utmost important that companies must design and disseminate adequate information about product characteristics and benefit to the target market.

    Having started the above, brand, is a persuasive communication about an organization and its product. The communication, the media, the audience, the respondent and the feedback, which make up the communication process element, are the foundation of branding strategy. This gives credence to the fact that the marketer and the buyer contribute something and each want to gain something from branding activities, thus describing marketing as a profitable exchange between two interested parties – Kotler (1993).

    Thus in a sense, when consumer buyer products, they buy with these expectations, though, the organization want to remind consumers, it equally have objectives which must at all cost be in consonance with corporate goals.

    In the light of the above notion, that the researcher considered it pertinent to study the influence that brand loyalty exert on marketing communication, using PZ Cusson Nigeria plc. Aba, plant as a parameter of the study


PZ Cusson Nigeria plc, was founded in England in 1984 by Peterson (British) and Zochonis (Greek).  It has its head office in Manchester, England.

        The Company was incorporated in Nigeria as a private company on the 4th December 1948 under the name D.B. Nicholas and company limited. The name was change to Algbon Ind. Ltd. In 1953 and to associated ind. Ltd. On 19th July 1972, it was converted to a public company.

        Further more, the company changed its name present to Peterson Zochonis industry plc on 22nd November 1909; the company’s authorized share capital on incorporation was 80,000 dividends into 40000 ordinary share of N2.00 each issued to Mr. P. B. Nicholas as a part of consideration for his business acquired by the company.

        The board of directors in Nigeria are G. J. Poupas (chief executive chairman) chief Babatunde Onyeleda (chairmen) Kostsa Theodora Komplous (member) paanos Gieuras (member) A. N.; calder (member) B.O.Ola and E. Mgbeachire.

        The Aba plant of cussons is located at Margeret Avenue, Eziama, Aba north of Abia state. The Aba plant specializes in the manufacturing of soap (toilet, laundry and medicated) some of the brands produced here includes: Joy, imperial, Premier, Venus, Ava, Cussons and baby soap, Canoe, Duck, Tempo, Robert medicated and robber and antiseptic soap. One company’s fiscal year ends every month. The company renders some social services to its host communicates such as employment especially unskilled labour, provisions of food, roads, water borehole and free technical education at its head office training school in Lagos.


In a competitive economy such as Nigeria, with many competing companies of consumer products, and many brand names, ways of increasing sales and hence profit have been a serious problem to marketers these problems includes:

1. Lack of training and Development in the Industry.

2. Poor packaging, labeling and Low mentality, also hinder the profitability in the Industry.

3. The absence of strong brand loyalty makes consumers switch to other brands easily thereby causing lost of sale in PZ Cusson Nigeria plc

4. Non distinctiveness of brands in the market causes confusion among brands.


The objectives of the study were:

1. To give suitable suggestion where necessary for the improvement of product.

2. To know whether brand helps to meet the needs and wants of target markets.

3. To show the impact of brand strategy on sales turnover

4. To identify the common problem to brand loyalty.

5. To know whether brand affect PZ Cusson Nigeria plc, Aba growth negatively.


The major research questions considered in the study were:

1. What suitable suggestions could improve product?

2. Does brand help the company to meet the needs and wants of thee target market?

3. Does brand militate company’s sales turnover and market share increase?

4. Does brand play an important role in brand loyalty?

5. Does brand affect organizational growth negatively?


The following hypothesis were posited and tested in the study

HO1: the creation of brand loyalty does not depend on      influence of promotional strategy.

HA1: the creation of brand loyalty depend on influence of promotional strategy

HO2: an effective product sale does not depend on the Influence of brand loyalty

HA2: an effective product sale depend on the influence of brand loyalty

HO3: Brand negatively affects organizational growth

HA3:  Brand positively affects organizational growth

Ho4: Brand does not help the company to meet the needs         and want of their target market.

HA4: Brands help the company to meet the needs and      wants of their target market.


The influence of consumer brand loyalty will help the company, in formulating economics policies and planning in the enactment of law to guide or strengthen consumer protection against sharp practices from manufacturers over competition.

        However, competition is a major characteristic of capitalism. Chief O. K. Uduma (2003) reaffirms that “capitalism is a bad system and co-operation is the panacca to its evils”

        This study will help Pz Cusson Nigeria Plc, Aba, to strengthen its branding tools and guide it in designing brand strategies

        To the student and academic public, it will enhance student performance, which tend to carryout further research on the topic in future with information’s collected.

        Again, it will make student stand in a better position to understand what brand is and measures that could be adopted in promoting products.

        As a student, this study will help the researcher for the award of higher national diploma certificate. It will help improve customer’s loyalty


The following terms used in the study are defined as below

CONSUMER: one who uses goods and services (product), which directly satisfy his/her needs.

COMPETITION: A situation where organization complete with each other

COMPANY: This is a business organization that makes money by production of selling goods and services

MARKETING: This is getting the right goods and services to the right people at the right time at the right price, with the right communication and promotion. It is also the sum total of business activities that is designed to produce, price, promote and or distribute wants satisfying product to present and potential customer.

OBJECTIVES: This is what organization intends to do, achieve and accomplish at a given/specified period of time

PRODUCT: A product is anything that is offered and accepts in exchange for satisfaction. It is made up of tangible and intangible product

SALES: Is a collection of products sold for revenue generation?

STRATEGY: This involves a grand design for what a firm does in a product market area.

TARGET MARKET: these are the set of buyers sharing common needs to characteristics that the company decides to serve.

This material content is developed to serve as a GUIDE for students to conduct academic research

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