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The aim of the research work was to investigate the impact of challenges and limitations confronting international organization in carrying out humanitarian aid in Nigeria. The primary source of data used for the purpose of this research was the questionnaires for the primary data. Which the secondary data was obtained from journals and other related articles. The method of chi-square was used for the purpose of analysis. The hypothesis to be tested was the effect of crises in carrying out humanitarian aid in Nigeria. At the end of the analysis we found that the p-value was 0.00 which is less than the level of significance so we reject the hypothesis and conclude that crises have significant effect in carrying out humanitarian aid in Nigeria.



Crises in so many regions of Nigeria have really caused so many set back in recent times. There are some states in Nigeria that even the indigenes find it difficult to settle down; most of them move out of their own state to another state just to find peace.

By this time early last year, in Benue state of Nigeria, there was a dispute between the Tiv tribes and the Fulani in gboko local government area.

This fiasco was on for a very long period of time. Indigenes of gboko; running out of their own village to another local government area just to find peace.

Questions were ask as regard the ongoing crises, so many responses were given by the people in gboko area.

It was heard from a reliable source that the Fulani herd’s men were fighting over a land; claim was that the land was given to them to graze on for at least 7 years.

The elders of gboko local government area claimed that there was no record of any agreement what so ever given to them neither by the state government nor the local government as regard the purpose. The fulami herd’s men reacted to being cheated by Benue state.

They ask the elders to return their money, but all to no avail. The killings continued; when the state government came to settle the crises, it became war on the government.

Nigeria has really suffered so many crises in recent years; is it terrorist attack by book haram? Or is it just crises? All these happening will definitely affect some of the organizations in carrying out humanitarian aids especially in most of these areas of crises; some might end up being killed or kidnapped.

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