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Cooperatives which have been in existence for the past centrally still exist in our contemporary time today due to certain factors which is the case of study in this project.  But for the umpteenth time people still mistake motives with factors for joining cooperatives.
    However the purpose of this project is to find out the factors that can influence the establishment of cooperatives in Owerri L.G.A. An attempt will be made to distinguish  the term mortise from factors that can influence the establishment of cooperatives   
The first chapter is going to discuss background of the faction purpose of study significance research questions scope and limitations of the study
    The second chapter will emphasis on literature review which is going to  come from books news papers magazines  Journals  etc to serve as an opera   of other works form authors on the same topic with  emphasis on instorical background of cooperatives establishment in Owerri L.G.A Imo  state  etc.
    In chapter three emphasis will be laid on research design and methodology source of data which will be gotten from both primary and secondary data as well as instruments used sample size (population) sample procedure and return of complete questionnaire will be talled n.
    In chapter four presentation Analysis and interpretation of data will be  focussed on.
    Finally chapter five which is the last will present the summary of research finding.  Also conclusions recommendations Appendix and Bibliography will be presented treated.

Title page                                             ii
Approval page                                        iii
Dedication                                            iv
Acknowledgement                                     v
Proposal                                             vi
Table of contents                                              viiiCHAPTER ONE 
Introduction                                     1

1.1    Statement of the factors                                2
1.2    Objective of the study                                3
1.3    Significance of the study                                4
1.4    Research questions                                    5
1.5    Scope of study                                    6
1.6    Limitations of the study                                6

Review of related literature                             8

2.1    Brief history of cooperatives                            8
2.2    Definitions of cooperatives history of cooperative 
in owerri L.G.A Imo state.                            10
2.3    History of cooperative in Nigeria                         12
2.4    The factors that influence the establishment of cooperative in Imo state       17
2.5    Historical background of cooperatives in Imo state                21
2.6    Problems of co-operative establishment in the area of study        22
2.7    Achievements of cooperative in Owerri L.G.A Imo state.            32
2.8    Achievements of Cooperative In Owerri L.G.A, Imo State        34

Research Design and Methodology                         36

3.1    Sources of data                                    36
3.2    Secondary data                                    37
3.3    Primary data                                        38
3.4    Instrument used                                    39
3.5     Sample size (population)                                40
3.6    Sample procedure                                    41
3.7    Return of completed questionnaire                         42

Data presentation analysis and interpretation                        43

Summary of research findings                            48

5.1    Findings                                        48
5.2    Conclusion                                        57
5.3    Recommendations                                    57
Appendix                                         59
Bibliography                                    61

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