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This research work the effect of secretarial manpower is divided into five chapters, each chapter dealing with a particular aspect of his research work. The overall aim of this study was to determine the effect of secretarial manpower in economic development.

Federal Ministry of Education in Owerrir was used for the research.

Response to the administered questionnaires was analyzed and on the last chapter recommendation was made.

The outcome of this research world proved that the secretary is an inevitable asset of every organization as his activities to the smooth running of the organization and achievement of their objectives. The office finds it difficult to operate effectively without the service of a secretary. Her duties contribute to the economic development of the organization and the society in general.




The word secretary is often used to mean anybody who can type and write shorthand. Ability to write shorthand or type does not make a person a secretary. There is more to being a secretary than more skills in shorthand and type writing. The origin of the secretary could be traced a hundred years ago, when young men and women started working in business offices as typist and shorthand writers coupled with the development, importance and significance of their position and duties in the office, some amount of recognition way attaches for their work.

As the industries grow with education and skills acquired by those young workers, the name ‘secretary” good gained prominence

The introduction of secretarial programmes in the in the polytechnics and universities led to the production of secretarial graduates who are highly skilled  and who are now contributing factor to the economic development of the organization and the society as a whole.

Many writers have tried to give a definition o the secretary “Stan well and Shaw (1978) is of the view that a secretary is any staff who is concerned with the preparation, preservation and transmission of all types of communication as well as the conversational duties of confidential duties of confidential nature at various levels. The secretary as an assistant to an executive, possessing mastery of office skills and ability to assume responsibilities without direct supervision, one who displays initiative, exercise judgment and makes decision within the scope of her authority. According to Chambers 20th century English Dictionary “A secretary is one employed to wire or transact business for another or for a society, company or organization. All those dentitions though not the same in depth, are relevant as far as the secretary is an inevitable asset in the industry, organization and institutions and hence a contributor to the economic development.

In a dynamic environment like this we find ourselves, no organization can perform effectively without adequate manpower resources. This view as stressed by Schiovecampo and Singer (1970) where they said “Many studies in production functions reveals that a large part of output increments cannot be explained by the increase in physical input alone, about one half of the residual must be caused by human endeavors.”

As a secretary that is well trained owes it as a responsibility to handle equipment in the office effectively and efficiently and his contributions in the area will boost economic development thereby removing economic backwardness and instill the capacity and motivation to progress.

Secretarial this is a combination of manual skill, brown, power as well as managerial capacity contribution through his activity in the office to the progress of economic growth. It is important to realize that through a study preformed, by the British industrial research in (1978), the secretary among all work groups only was bale to perform these seven different rules in an organization, the role of a co-ordination, ideas, man critic implement or team builder, external contact and inspector.

Secretary manpower is contributing a lot to the development of the organization and the economy as a whole. Over the past years, the secretarial roles have charged considerably as new processing equipment and other technology have become more common in the office environment. The computer has just made working for them easier and faster.


Despite the duties, roles and activity of the secretary in an organization, his efficiency in the meaning of the latest office electronic equipment and so on, the secretary is left in the base of the fact that people acknowledge his performance some people even claim that the latest electronic automations

Many people still do not know secretaries fit into the common struggle to build virile nation, what is not clear to them is the contribution of the secretary to the national well being.

Who is the secretary’s envisaged in this study, this uncertainty is unfortunate. Ands this project has being designed to outline the effect of the secretarial manpower on e3conomic development of Nigeria.

Specially, this study will want to:-

    Identify the problems associated with the absence of the secretarial manpower on the organization.

    To identify the effects of secretarial manpower on power economic development

    To identify the problems encounters by the secretaries in the cause of carrying out their duties.


Since the evolution of financial record keeping, fraud have taken place this making the term a global phenomenon. However, the rampant cases of fraud and its dynamism of perpetration call for proper re-examination because of its physiological effect on the staff and employer and also the society and the economy in general. Hence management of every organization should understand  that it  is their role to prevent and defeat up in proprieties to:

    To identify the cause of fraud in any given establishment

    To examine the problem hindering proper control in the organization

    To make recommendations based on the findings

    To identify the effects of secretarial manpower on power economic development

    To examine the problem this may be encountered by secretaries in the process of carrying out their duties.


This study is focused on the effect of secretarial manpower on economic development, and will be of immense benefit in the government services, secretaries, managers and their organization and even student researchers.


        In the government services, the government is one realizing the economic development, hence there is an increasing rate of secretaries manpower in there economic development in the government establishment.


There is no aspect of economic development, activation that the secretary manpower is not needed

According to Geoff,(1978) “There is no question that the introduction of computer terminals has open-up new vistas to secretaries. Secretaries know play key roles in the implementation of our office system and because of this innovation there has been an increasing rate of secretarial employment in every fact of life.


The secretary is an identical link in the diversified daily activities of the organization. Her contributions are mainly sided and ranges form handling routine procedures to implementing management discussion. The secretary assists his boss and relevance him of mush details so that he will have coordinating future activity.


It will be of immense benefit to academics, which might seethe whole or part of this research work useful to support their study on their aspect of the secretarial manpower


    what are the problems associated with the absence of the secretarial manpower in the organization

    How would the effective use of the secretarial manpower of any organization help in economic development?

    What are the problems encountered by the secretaries in the cause of carrying out their duties

    What are the causes of fraud in any given establishment?


The research work is carried out in Imo state and the research is based on Federal Ministry Education in Imo state. The researcher has chosen to study the secretary’s ability to use latest electronic equipment.

This material content is developed to serve as a GUIDE for students to conduct academic research

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